• Activate your Southeast Key at http://portal.semo.edu/
    Click on “SE Key Activation” under “My Southeast Help.”  Your e-mail address will be your Southeast Key followed by @semo.edu.  You will use your Southeast Key and password to log into Portal where you can access Registration and check your email.  You must activate your Southeast Key before you can enroll.
  • Enroll on your priority enrollment date, which is determined by the number of hours completed and the first two letters of your last name.  The priority enrollment table is listed on the front of the newspaper Schedule of Classes and at the portal (http://portal.semo.edu/).  Enrollment hours are 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Student Identification Card
    Student ID’s are made at ID Services, located on the 3rd floor of the University Center.
  • Registration of Vehicle and Parking, Department of Public Safety, 1401 N. Sprigg St., (573) 651-2215
    For fall admits, parking registration applications are available at http://portal.semo.edu/ in early July.  For spring admits, please contact DPS directly.
  • Textbook Services, Basement of Kent Library - (573) 651-2236
    Students must use side entrance of Library, which faces Dearmont Hall.  Textbooks are typically available the week before the start of classes in spring and fall.  Refer to the Schedule of Classes for summer dates.  You will need your student ID and a schedule copy.
  • Student Financial Services - Billing, Financial Aid, and Scholarship Information
    Any questions regarding student billings should be addressed to (573) 651-2253 or Academic Hall 123.  The scholarship deadline for the majority of the endowed and departmental scholarships is March 1st. Scholarships are listed at http://www.semo.edu/financing/.
  • If taking any online courses, review the checklist at http://www.semo.edu/online/checklist.htm.