How do I declare one of the Liberal Arts majors?

Complete a Declaration of Major form in the appropriate department.  For more information check out the College of Liberal Arts areas of study.

How do I declare a minor?

To declare a minor in one of the Liberal Arts departments, complete a Declaration of Minor form in the department of that minor.

How do I change my major or minor?

You may change your major or minor by completing a new Declaration of Major or Minor in the department of the new major or minor. The Declaration of Major and Minor forms ask if a major or minor has been declared previously and, if so, whether or not the student wishes to continue the former major as well as the new major.  Be sure to complete these questions on the forms.

Who is my advisor?

Students are assigned to a faculty advisor when a major is declared, with the exception of Mass Communication students.  New Mass Communication majors must meet department criteria to be advised by faculty in the department.  The student is assigned to the College of Liberal Arts Advising Center until all admission requirements have been met.  You can find your assigned advisor in the portal as follows.

  • Log into the portal at
  • Select the Students Tab
  • Select My Southeast where it says “Click here to open My Southeast Self Service”
  • Select “click on this link to access your self service page . . .”
  • Select Student and Financial Aid
  • Select Student Records
  • Select View Student Information