Below are instructions for enrolling in classes online.

  1. Log in to
  2. Sign in to portal using SE Key.
  3. Choose “Student” Tab.
  4. Choose “Click here to open My Southeast Self-Service”.
  5. Click link to access the self-service page.
  6. Choose “Student”.
  7. Click on “Registration”.
  8. Choose “Add or Drop Classes”.
  9. Select the Term from drop down box.
  10. Enter Alternate PIN – (available from your advisor).
  11. Once in the enrollment/registration screen, enter course registration numbers (CRNs) and select “submit changes”.
  12. Print a copy of your schedule for your records.
  13. Log out.


  1. Select “class search”  - For class search, you must select a prefix in the “subject” box and type in the number in the next box OR for University Studies courses, select all of the prefixes by clicking on the first prefix and dragging your mouse through the last prefix and then select an University Studies category under “attribute”.
  2. Select “register” to add a course to your schedule through class search.
  3. Print a copy of your schedule for your records.
  4. Log out.

NOTE: The following room locations do not meet on main campus.  They meet at off campus centers: 

  • SEK (Kennett),
  • SEM (Malden),
  • SES (Sikeston), and
  • PAHEC (Perryville).
  • RCS and RCT meet at the River Campus in Cape Girardeau.

Please allow 20 to 30 minutes for the shuttle ride from the main campus to the River Campus due to stops within the city.