Southeast Missouri State University

Laura Haug

Photo of Laura Haug

Southeast Major:
Mass Communication

Bonne Terre, Mo.

“I never really know what to expect when I get up in the morning, which is kind of fun for me,” says Southeast alumna Laura Haug.  “I never know where the day will take me or who I will get to meet.”

Originally from Bonne Terre, Mo., she is currently living in Burbank, Calif., and working in Hollywood as the executive assistant to the vice president of a post production facility. 

“I do the normal office duties of answering phones and scheduling meetings.  I also get to deal with clients at the studios we work with,” she says.  “My daily job functions change from day to day and different projects come up that I get to work on.” 

A spring 2006 graduate with a major in mass communication, video production and a minor in media studies, Laura cites her practical experience at Southeast as a driving factor in her success.

“Education-wise, I really enjoyed my experience with the video program,” Laura says.  "The opportunities to get so much hands-on experience with projects was amazing -- great experience to prepare me for what to expect.”

Faculty members Dr. James Dufek and Fred Jones were very helpful in leading her to the right people because they knew she wanted to get into film production after college.

“The people I met and opportunities I had were a huge contribution to me getting to Hollywood,” she says.

During her tenure at Southeast, she was able to work on commercial, documentary and film sets.  The highlights of her undergraduate experience were assisting in the production of commercials with St. Louis based CoolFire Media, being a production assistant on a documentary, and the producer's assistant when the star-studded film "Killshot" came to Cape Girardeau.  These experiences helped her make connections within the industry and eventually led her to the person who hired her.

“Through meeting these people I have seen what they stand for and learned more of what types of personalities I work best with, and all of that has carried over to the type of person I am outside of work,” she says.  “It's hard to find good hard working individuals out there, and I've been very fortunate to have met so many quality ones.”

Recently, she worked with John Schneider, the original Bo Duke, who brought in his recent film. 

“And for the record, he is a super nice, down-to-earth guy in case anyone was wondering,” she said.

Outside of work, Laura relaxes by spending days at the beach, working out at the gym, and reading.  She does say, however, that she doesn’t have a whole lot of spare time, and her advice to Southeast students echoes this sentiment.

“Enjoy your vacations. That is the one thing I really miss now that I'm not in Christmas break, spring break, summer break,” she says.  “It's working all year now with only 10 days of vacation time and a couple of personal days.  It's definitely an adjustment, but I also wouldn't change it.  So really take advantage of vacation time because you might not get much of it depending on the career you choose.”