Southeast Missouri State University

Kristine Gruver


Taking full advantage of internship opportunities on campus, Kristine Gruver is well prepared for her upcoming career in literary communication.  She spent last year interning with University Press, where her tasks included copyediting manuscripts, designing flyers and working on book promotions.

“The nice thing about independent press is the duties are many and varied,” Kristine says.  “Dr. Susan Swartwout assigned almost all of my duties, then gave me the creative freedom to learn on my own, allowing me to contribute my own ideas and experiences to each project.”

Kristine’s internship not only allowed for individual work, but it also required her to work with a team of five students.  The team’s semester-long accomplishments include producing and marketing three full-length books, organizing two book launches, creating a new Web site and publishing an issue of Big Muddy.

Swartwout says, “This group performed almost every type of work that a publisher and editor in an independent press would do--with an added production workload.”

Needless to say, Kristine, a May 2004 graduate, feels she gained tremendous confidence in her work through the internship experience.

“I feel confident I can use my Southeast experiences to develop a fulfilling career in the future,” she said.

Aside from internship opportunities, Gruver says her favorite memories at Southeast revolve around her three suitemates during her freshman year.  Their friendships endured college and remain an important aspect of her life.

Kristine leaves Southeast with a budding career ahead of her, and she leaves the following advice:  Learn to balance work and play because it’s a skill you can use the rest of your life.