Southeast Missouri State University

Erin Webb


Life is in sixth gear for Southeast Missouri State University graduate student Erin Webb. Erin, originally from Farmington, Mo., is working a full-time job in St. Louis as the regional admissions counselor for Southeast in the St. Louis and St. Charles, Mo., area in addition to taking classes in Southeast’s Master's in Higher Education Administration program.
“I usually travel to about 70 high schools in the area to talk with students about coming to Southeast,” Erin said. “I enjoy working with the students during the college search process because I can tell them about all the opportunities and real-world experiences Southeast offers students.”

Erin attended Southeast as an undergraduate student and received her bachelor's degree in Mass Communication - Public Relations option in May 2001. She says her experiences as an undergraduate give her a unique perspective not only as a graduate student, but as staff member too. 

“I think Southeast is very anxious to give its graduates an opportunity to work at the University,” she said. “I enjoy working here because it gives me the opportunity to study and work alongside the people who taught me as an undergraduate student.”

Erin fondly remembers her time at Southeast as an undergraduate. She says some of her favorite memories were living in the sorority house during finals when everyone was trying to study, attend class and be a model student.

“There were moments when we would take study breaks and watch reruns on television,” Erin explained. “We would end up laughing so hard at the program that the people next door would start banging on the concrete walls to try and calm us down.”

Erin says she the educational experience she received as an undergraduate has carried over to her graduate program.

“The classes are just as challenging in graduate school as they were in my undergraduate program,” Erin said. “I find myself competing with fellow graduate students to be the best in the class just like I did several years ago as an undergraduate.”

Erin says deadlines are the most challenging thing she faced in college as well as in graduate school.

“I find my higher education administration professors expect the same quality of work in our projects and proposals as my public relations professors did several years ago,” she explained.

When Erin is not working hard at school or visiting high schools, she says she enjoys traveling. Her most recent destination was Denver, Colo., where she took in the breathtaking landscape of the Colorado Rockies.

“Growing up in Missouri, you just don’t see that type of creation,” she said. “Here, all you are exposed to are farms and rolling hills.”

Erin’s advice for future Southeast students is to make the most of your college experience. 

“Everyone is there for the same reason, which is to get an education,” she explained. “Involving yourself outside of the classroom is just as important as what you learn inside it, and it will make the college experience all the more worthwhile.”