Other Established Collaborative Models

Texas Electronic Coalition for Physics - http://physics.tamuk.edu/tecp/
Texas Family and Consumer Sciences Alliance - http://www.fcsalliance.org/
Tennessee Board of Regents Online Campus Collaborative - http://www.rodp.org/
Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance - http://hsidea.org/
Cooperative Educational Leadership Program - UMC w/ UCM, MSU, NWMS, SEMO - http://edd.missouri.edu/
The Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP) - http://www.mhec.org/MidwestStudentExchangeProgram
The Midwestern Higher-Education Compact (MHEC) - http://www.mhec.org/MHECHomePage

Open Coursework


Missouri Educational Resources

MOREnet: http://www.more.net/
Mobius: http://mobiusconsortium.org/