Southeast Missouri State University

Course Syllabi

BA361 - Principles of Entrepreneurship
BA458 - International Business Internship
BA490 - Business Policy & Strategy
BA521 - Topics in Entrepreneurship
BA531 - Imagination, Creativity and Innovation
BA551 - Managing and Growing the New Venture
BA560 - International Business Study Tour
BA561 - Business Planning for New Ventures
BA600 - Managing and Leading Human Capital
BA620 - Quantitative & Qualitative Research
BA641 - Creating the Entrepreneurial Venture
BA651 - Strategic Marketing
BA656 - Applied Human Resource Management
BA657 - Applied Research
BA658 - Business Internship
BA680 - Management of Health Systems: Strategy and Quality
BA681 - Health Administration Policy
BA682 - Health Care Budgeting and Reimbursement
MG252 - Business Communication
MG301 - Principles of Management
MG354 - Business Negotiation: Concepts and Practice
MG356 - Foundations of Human Resource Management
MG362 - Management Skills
MG456 - Topics in Human Resource Management
MG457 - Organizational Behavior
MG462 - Organization Theory and Design
MG470 - Leadership in Management
MG471-473 - Internship in Management
MG491-493 - Independent Study in Management
MG526 - Managing and Developing Talent
MG546 (MG446) - Acquiring & Compensating Talent
MG550 - Improving Team Performance
MG560 - International Management
MG566 - Legal and Union Issues in Human Resources
MG575 - Information Technology Management
MK301 - Principles of Marketing
MK341 - Public Relations
MK342 - Professional Selling
MK343 - Advertising & Promotion
MK344 - Consumer Behavior
MK345 - Introduction to Business Research
MK346 - Distribution Management
MK348 - Product and Pricing Strategy
MK349 - Retail Management
MK351 - Sports Marketing
MK443 - Integrated Marketing Communications Practicum
MK447 - Sales Management
MK449 - Marketing Management
MK471-473 - Marketing Internship
MK478 - Global Logistics
MK491-493 - Independent Study in Marketing
MK555 - Internet Marketing
MK560 - International Marketing
IU305 - Entrepreneurship
UI301 - Managerial Communication Process
UI351 - Public Opinion Management
UI359 - Consumers: Buying/Having/Being
UI400 - Business & Ethics