Waiting Lists for Closed Courses

Students may submit a waiting list form for a closed course once it has reached the maximum capacity, until classes begin.

After classes begin, DO NOT SUBMIT A WAITING LIST form, contact the instructor who will make the determination on adding a student to the class subject to department chair approval.

Steps students should take:

Online Only Majors

  • First contact Southeast Online at 573-651-2766 to see if a reserved seat for online students is available.
    • They will inform you if a Waiting List form needs submitted. Read the below requirements before filling out a Waiting List form.

Requirements for All Students

Complete the department waiting list form located at the bottom of this page - AFTER you read the following:

  • Completing the form in advance of the enrollment period is not acceptable.
  • Consider if you must have the course and section during this particular semester; or if your schedule could be adjusted to take open classes
  • Resolve any issues that would prevent us from enrolling you, examples below:
    • ALL course prerequisites not met
    • Delinquent accounts / Registration holds
    • Conflicting class time
    • Your maximum hours have already been reached or will be exceeded

** Do NOT submit a Waiting list if issues will not be resolved prior to class starting **

Filling Out and Submitting the below Waiting List form:

  • Please complete all sections of the form and indicate in the "Detailed Explanation" section why you need the class during this semester. Provide any other information to help us prioritize your need for the class and specific section.
  • If more than one section of the same class fits your schedule, you may indicate additional sections in this "Detailed Explanation" section. Do NOT submit multiple waiting list forms for different sections of the same course.
  • Please do not submit duplicate waiting list forms -- This will not increase your chances of enrollment.
  • • If you change your mind after submitting a form, please promptly let us know you no longer want to be on this waiting list by emailing nschremp@semo.edu.

Waiting Lists No Longer Accepted:

  • Waiting Lists will no longer be accepted 5 business days before classes start
  • Waiting Lists will be reviewed by the department Chairperson (see ‘Our Department Review Process’ below).
  • If a seat is available, applicable student(s) will be enrolled by two (2) business days before classes start (pending any student issues)

*All Open Waiting Lists Cancelled - Contact the Instructor

  • All Waiting Lists that do not have open seats will be CANCELLED two (2) business days before classes start.
  • From this point on, contact the instructor if you still need in a closed class -- DO NOT SUBMIT A WAITING LIST form. The instructor will make the determination if a student may be added to the class, subject to department chair approval.
  • 2nd 8-week classes will follow this same process based on their start date

Our Department Review Process:

The Dept. Chair will review waiting list requests and make selections for class enrollment based on open seats and priority needs according to the below dates:

Fall Waiting Lists Review Dates

  1. 1st week in May
  2. 3rd week in June
  3. 3rd week in July
  4. 3 business days before classes start

Spring Waiting Lists Review Dates

  1. 1st week in December
  2. 3rd week in December
  3. 3 business days before classes start

2nd 8 week classes will be reviewed 3-5 business days before classes start

How will you know if you have been enrolled?

  • Review your class schedule after the above dates to see if you have been added to the class.
  • We have long waiting lists and will not be able to provide updates by phone or email.
  • Repetitive emailing/calling to check on your Waiting List status does not help your case. Providing complete information on the Waiting List form is the most helpful, along with ensuring you have no issues that would prevent us from enrolling you (see Requirements for All Students above.
  • If you have not been added to the class by the second review date (for Full semester & 1st 8 week classes), then you should consider taking another section of the same course or taking the course in another semester.

We do have high demand for our classes and will strive to accommodate as many as we can.
Your patience is greatly appreciated.

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