All current degree options share the same required common core courses, which give our students a comprehensive and in-depth insight in crucial areas for managerial success.

* PLEASE NOTE: 9 hours per semester is full time at the graduate level. It is equivalent to 15 hours at the undergraduate level.

For each of our current degree options:

  • Accounting (provides an advanced understanding of accounting issues and allows a student to be academically qualified to sit for the CPA examination.)
  • Environmental Management (provides for the application of sciences to the business environment)
  • Financial Management (provides an enhanced understanding of the current conceptual framework of financial and economic concepts for both domestic and international markets)
  • General Management (develops the knowledge base, management skills and personal attributes that allow individuals to advance professionally in, and provide executive leadership to their organizations.)
  • Industrial Management (designed to serve technical managers, production supervisors, and engineers to enhance their leadership positions in industry)
  • International Business (provides specialized curriculum that prepares individuals for managerial career in international business)
  • Health Administration (provides for a general understanding of the health care sector of business in our state and country)
  • Entrepreneurship (designed for an enhanced understanding of individuals interacting in entrepreneurship and small business)
  • Sport Management (provides a differential advantage because of advanced education for individuals interested in the Sport Management field.)

Our program offers a variety of elective courses that can be chosen by our students according to their individual interests.

Students who do not have a background in business need to successfully complete (grade of C or above) the following prerequisite MBA courses prior to regular admission to our MBA program. Provisional admission will be granted until the prerequisites are complete. Most students with an undergraduate business degree will have these classes completed.

Undergraduate Foundation Courses for MBA Program

  • Introduction to Microcomputer Applications
  • Principles of Microeconomics *
  • Principles of Macroeconomics *
  • Introductory Business Statistics
  • College Algebra
  • Business Statistics II OR Applied Calculus *
  • Principles of Accounting I*
  • Principles of Accounting II
  • Principles of Management *
  • Principles of Marketing *
  • Principles of Financial Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Additional Prerequisite Courses(Accounting option only)

*CLEP test available for these courses through Testing Services. Proficiency in these areas can be proven through a CLEP exam. Credit will not be given for these courses with a passing grade on the exam, but score will be taken as proof of course knowledge. For more information, see the following site:

AD101 Test Out will be offered early fall 2014 semester. See department for dates. Additionally, MBA students can make an appointment with Testing Services throughout the semester to take the exam.

Common Core Courses

Common Core for all Options (21-24 hours)
BA600 Organizational Behavior in Practice
BA620 Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods
BA630 Integrated Decision Information Systems
BA650 Strategic Decision Making (capstone, must complete 12 hours first)
BA651 Strategic Marketing
BA660 Strategic Cost Management(not requiredby Accounting option)
BA668 The Financial Environment
BA657 Applied Research Project (final project, enroll near end of program)

Elective Courses

General Management OptionElectives (9 hours requires)
BA521 Topics inEntrepreneurship
BA560 International Business Study Practicum
BA640 Integrative Management
BA641 Creating the Entrepreneural Venture
EC561 Managerial Economics
BA656 Applied Human Resource Management
BA658 Business Internship
BA661 External Environment of Business
BA662 Contemporary Issues in Business
BA663 International Business Strategies
BA664 Organizational Leadership
BA665 Financial Institutions, Credit Markets, and Regulatory Policies
BA667 Liability Risks in Product and Services
BA671 Business Topic Seminar
BA678 Operations Management
HA580 Management of Health Systems: Strategy and Quality
HA581 Health Administration Policy
HA582 Health Budgeting and Reimbursement
MG526 Managing and Developing Talent
MG548 Project Management
MG550 Improving Team Performance
MG560 International Marketing
MG566 Legal & Union Issues in Human Resources
MK555 Internet Marketing
MK560 International Management
EC580 International Economics
FI540 Perspectives in International Finance
MA580 Experimental Design of Analytical Variance
MA623 Statistical Analysis for Forensic Science
AC534 Financial Accounting and Rporting III
AC540 International Perspectives on Accounting
AC545 Taxation of Business Entities
AC548 Government and Not for Profit Accounting
AC537 Advanced Auditing and Assurance Services


Accounting Internship
AC650 Fraud and Forensic Accounting
AC/BL563 Legal & Ethical Issues in Accounting
QM558 Supply Chain Management
EC525 Public Policy Economics
FI568 Portfolio Seminar
BA531 Imagination, Creativity & Innovation
BA551 Managing and Growing a New Venture
BA561 Business Planning for New Ventures
MI575 Information Technology


Any other BA6xx courses available.
International Business Option Electives (12 hours required)
Required: 3 hours
BA663 International Business Strategies
Electives: 6 hours
One of:
AC540 International Perspective on Accounting
FI540 International Finance
EC580 International Economics
One of:
MK560 International Marketing
MG560 International Management
Open Elective: 3 hours  
Please Note: BA657 Applied Research Project (Core Course) needs to be related to International Business.
Foreign Language: 9 hours of university foreign language or equivalent proficiency is required.
An international experience is required of all International Business option students. Click here for international study programs.
Accounting Option Electives(12 hours required)
Required: select one from*
AC534 Financial Accounting and Reporting III
AC537 Advanced Audit
AC545 Advanced Tax
Applied Research 3 hours**
BA657 Appl Research: Subject related to accounting
Electives (Select 3): *
AC534 Financial Accounting and Reporting III
AC537 Advanced Audit
AC540 International Accounting
AC545 Advanced Tax
AC548 Govt and Non-profit
AC550 Fraud Exam & Forensic Accounting
BA660 Strategic Cost Analysis
Any 500 level AC course not selected above
*Students must meet undergraduate prerequisites of selected courses.
Additional prerequisite courses for Accounting option:
AC321 Financial Accounting and Reporting I
AC332 Financial Accounting and Reporting II
Financial Management Option (9 hours required)
BA665 Financial Institutions, Credit Markets, and Regulatory Policies
FI540 International Finance
FI568 Portfolio
Please note: BA657 Applied Research Project (Core Course) needs to be related to Finance.
Environmental Management OptionElectives (9 hours required)
Required course (3 hours)
EV661 Business Strategies
Electives (6 hours)
EV551 Hazardous Material Assessments
EV653 Occupational Health
EV654 Risk Assessment Applications
EV655 Industrial Hygiene
EV660 Introduction to Toxicology
Please Note: BA657 Applied Research Project (Core Course) needs to be related to Environmental Management
EV661 CH181 or CH185 and MA134
EV660 BI200, ZO200, CH186
EV551 CH185, CH186, EV655
EV653 CH181 or CH185
EV655 BI200, CH186, MA134
EV654 CH181 or CH185, MA134

Industrial Management Option

Required Courses (9 hours)


Industrial Safety & Ergonomics


Advanced Quality Concepts


Facilities Management

Please Note: BA657 Applied Research Project (Core Course) needs to be related to Industrial Management


Health Administration Option

Required Courses Select 9 hours

HA582 Healthcare Budgeting and Reimbursement

HA580 Management of Health Systems: Strategy and Quality

HA581 Health Administration Policy

HA520 Introduction to Healthcare Quality

HA585 Healthcare Marketing

HA510 Healthcare Operations

EC585 Healthcare Economics

HA540 Healthcare Informatics

See MBA Director for advising information related to this option.


Sport Management Option

Required Courses (9 hours)


Topics, Trends and Issues in Sport


Principles and Practices of Sport Management


Design and Operations of Sport Related Facilities

Please Note: BA657 Applied Research Project (Core Course) needs to be related to Sport Management

Please note: Students are allowed only two 500 level courses for use as MBA courses.

Exit Assessment Options:

  • BA657 -Applied Research Project (required for students in the Accounting Option)