In Fall, 1996, Southeast Missouri State University launched the new 33-credit-hour Master of Business Administration degree program in response to students' needs.

All current degree options share the same required common core courses, which give our students a comprehensive and in-depth insight in crucial areas for managerial success: Management Communication and Leadership, Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods, Integrative Decision Information Systems, Strategic Decision Making, Strategic Marketing, Strategic Cost Analysis and Financial Applications, The Financial Environment, and an Applied Research Project as a capstone requirement.

Currently, our students have the choice among nine degree options:

  • Accounting
  • Environmental Management
  • Financial Management
  • General Management
  • Industrial Management
  • International Business
  • Health Administration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sport Management

Graduate Assistantship

Teaching, research and administrative assistantships are available for qualified students in most areas in which degrees are offered. Students applying for an assistantship must present a minimum undergraduate grade point average (g.p.a.) of 2.7. The assistantship provides a stipend plus a waiver of all fees. Interested persons should apply to the chairperson of the department providing the major.

Graduate Scholarships

A number of graduate scholarships are available to academically talented degree students. Students who will be enrolled for at least 9 hours of graduate level work are encouraged to apply. Students may apply by writing a letter to the Dean of Graduate Studies and submitting at least two letters of recommendation from professors familiar with their work. The scholarship recipients are chosen solely upon academic merit.


Students in the MBA program must maintain a graduate GPA of 3.0 with no grade lower than a "C". Students not meeting the GPA and course grade requirements are subject to dismissal after a probationary period. Additionally, students are expected to make normal progress toward completing the MBA program. Students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 9 credit hours over a fall semester-spring semester-summer session period. The program must be completed in a maximum of six years. Students not making normal progress are subject to dismissal.


Robert A. Dempster Hall

Southeast Missouri State University is committed to providing students with up-to- date curricula, facilities and technological opportunities. The Donald L. Harrison College of Business is housed in Robert A. Dempster Hall, a state-of-the art University facility. Robert A. Dempster Hall provides students and faculty access to all of the University's computer resources through the campus fiber optic network, as well as access to all of the business resources available on the Internet.

Every classroom and computer lab has voice, data and video connections to support more effective instruction and greater student learning. Robert A. Dempster Hall contains: 11 general classrooms, eight computer labs/rooms, 400 computers in the building, two general seminar rooms, two fully mediated business policy classrooms and a 400-seat auditorium.


Dempster Hall 246
MBA Program
One University Plaza, MS 5890
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701