Money is often one of the most difficult things to plan for as you make your arrangements to come to the United States to study. How much should I bring? How should I bring it? What are banks like? Should I travel with cash, or will most places accept traveler's checks?

Bring at least $300.00 in United States currency with you. You will need this for meals and other immediate expenses. The exact amount you need depends to a great extent upon how long you will be here before the residence halls open. The rest of your money can be brought as traveler's checks, a bank draft, or you may use a well-known credit card such as Master Card or VISA. Note: Bank drafts from foreign banks may take few days to two weeks to clear. Until your draft clears, a bank has discretion to not permit you to withdraw deposited money.

Many countries have wire services that will transfer money directly and electronically into your account. You may want to explore this option for receiving money, as it is usually faster and more secure than mailing drafts or checks.

As an added convenience, our University also has a direct wire transfer number which you can use in making payments toward your student bill.

Please contact Student Financial Services for information on how to wire funds.


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