Karim Djerboa

The French Republic

Began his studies for an MBA in 1999

I am currently employed as a marketing manager at Allied Asset Advisors, Burr Ridge Illinois, promoting one of the Dow Jones Ethical Mutual funds. My task is to build the appropriate marketing strategy and adapt it to the market changes, which mainly consist of targeting the right population with the right marketing messages and promoting the right services proposed to them. Due to my IT background, BSC Computer Sciences, I also play a role in the optimizing the use of different software for our marketing and clients’ service purposes.

There is no doubt that having an MBA from Southeast, was a major help in my job quest. A candidate holding an MBA is always considered before candidates having only a Bsc or another Master degree. I also have to say that the MBA curriculum at Southeast was very interesting and has helped me to think differently in term of business strategies. Added to this, the environment at Southeast was very favorable.  The accessibility of professors and teachers was a great support during my studies. Having an MBA or any other degree does not necessary mean success in business, there is another reality out there, work atmosphere, work constraints, deadlines stress and in many cases hierarchy. Yet, for some reason I felt I was prepared to face all of this. Most of my teachers had mentioned this reality, which we were to face in the near future. The professors at Southeast are of a very good caliber. They know how to mix between pure academic teaching, professionalism due to their past experience and friendship in a wonderful frame of mutual respect.

I first attended Southeast in 1998.  I was preparing a Masters of Sciences in International business at the University of Languedoc Rousillion in Montpellier, France. Southeast had an exchange program with my previous university, so I took a chance to come to the USA for the first time in my life with very poor English and decided to take the challenge of taking some business class at Southeast. It was a great experience during which I learned English, gained interest in studying in the US, but more important that this, I was so glad to meet all these wonderful teachers. My experience has since then motivated me to apply for different schools in the US. I have been accepted elsewhere, but Southeast offered me a graduate assistant. This was of course another reason why I didn’t hesitate to come back to SEMO.

I want to pass on these three pieces of advice to students at Southeast:

  1. You are lucky to be at Southeast - take full advantage of it.
  2. Cape Girardeau is maybe very small, but believe me it is the right place to be if you are really looking to gain knowledge. Furthermore, it is not that expensive compared to what you would have to pay else where for the same education.
  3. Focus, do your best, and never forget Southeast.

In the end, I have to say that the magic key is to work on learning on daily basis. It is all about experience and attitude!


Dempster Hall 246
MBA Program
One University Plaza, MS 5890
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701