Chondamma Gummatira

Republic of India

Began her studies for an MBA in 2001

Immediately after my graduation in Business Management, I did a one-year Post-Graduate diploma in business management. Then, I began to develop my computer skills and later took up a job as an instructor in the same field. However, I was not satisfied there. So I decided to pursue my graduate studies in the field of business management.

So, why MBA? This was the question that everyone asked me. I feel that in today's world of competition, and with the inter-dependency of countries increasing, a MBA (with an international experience) would be the best career option. I believe that the MBA experience will be a stepping stone to my future success and achievement. It will give me an opportunity to develop my skills needed to achieve my career goals.

I chose Southeast Missouri State University firstly because of its integrated curriculum. It has an excellent AACSB accredited program and challenging environments that will provide me with the opportunity to further enhance my knowledge and skills. When I first joined the MBA program, I chose the general management option. But since the last semester, I changed to the International Business option because I feel that an international experience will always help me gain some additional knowledge, management experience and skills that I lack at the moment.

I have enjoyed every moment of my life since I came to Southeast. Each day has been a good learning experience for me. The campus is really calm and friendly and creates a positive environment for learning. In all I can say that an MBA from Southeast is definitely a good option, a stepping stone for all your future endeavors.


Dempster Hall 246
MBA Program
One University Plaza, MS 5890
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701