At Southeast Missouri State University, we strongly believe that it is important for international students to receive a sound orientation to the University. We know that students who receive a thorough orientation are more successful in school and have fewer problems with immigration regulations.

We are proud of our International Student Orientation Program. We have designed a program that is both thorough and fun. Experienced international and U.S. students help with our orientation program and make the new students feel welcome in the process.

International Student Orientation includes the following

  • Information about academic programs for new freshmen, undergraduate transfer students and graduate students
  • Culture shock program about adjusting to the cultures of the United States and how other international students fare
  • Money and banking - how to take care of your money, open a banking account and apply for a Social Security Card needed for many services in the U.S.
  • U.S. health care and our on-campus health and counseling services
  • Preparation for the English language placement exams
  • Immigration regulations pertinent to your non-immigrant student status (F-1 or J-1 visas)
  • Walking tour of the campus and bus tour of the city and environs including historical points of interest and a shopping trip for setting up housekeeping in your new "home"
  • Information about your personal safety and security
  • Placement examinations to ascertain your levels of proficiency in English, composition, reading and mathematics
  • Fun social activities, dances, parties and sporting events
  • Morning coffee, tee or juice and lunch each day

International Orientation costs $40. This fee is charged to you whether you attend orientation or not. The general orientation program required of all students (U.S. and international) includes academic advising and registration for classes and more information on how to succeed at Southeast. The general orientation begins after international student orientation is completed and costs an additional $50. These charges will be added to your University bill, so there is no need to pay them in cash right away.


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