Mohankumari Ryali

Republic of India

Began her studies for an MBA in 1998

My previous teaching experience together with my MBA degree made a huge difference in securing my current job position. The right combination of management information systems, marketing, international business, strategic decision making, quality, extensive research skills, management communication and leadership had placed me in a better position among my peers to advance confidently in my path.

I currently work with individuals from different teams (marketing, quality, documentation, product strategy) both within the US and around the world. Being able to converse with them in their expert areas helps me work with them better and understand their problems and concerns. This was made possible only with the skills and techniques that I learned in my MBA program at Southeast Missouri State University. Best of all, I really enjoyed my learning experience at Southeast. I never thought I would say this, but I miss going to Southeast!

The student-faculty relationship at Southeast is excellent. The faculty in the Harrison College of Business makes every effort to know the student both at an academic level and a personal level. The environment is very family like and very close-knit. Everyone knows everyone else both professionally and personally.

I felt welcomed at Southeast even before I got there! The response rate for submitting my application and being accepted was very quick. I was also personally in touch with the Director of the MBA program, Dr. Heischmidt who was very encouraging to patiently answer questions and concerns that I had. This responsiveness showed individual attention directed to my application. It felt very good to have a direct contact with the director of the MBA program who was very accessible at all times.

My advice to current graduate students in the MBA program is: Do your very best and learn everything that is being taught. You will be applying every skill, every technique, and every team work you have ever done. An MBA gives a competitive edge among your peers. I strongly recommend taking the International Business Program. Businesses today are global and this international experience, which is fun and educational, will look very good on your resume. Recruiters today are not only looking for knowledge experts, but also for people who are personable, capable of working in teams, multi-tasking, and who have international experience. Good luck and all the best!


Dempster Hall 246
MBA Program
One University Plaza, MS 5890
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701