Suman Shrestha


Began his studies for an MBA in 2002

I joined with Nepal Stock Exchange immediately after the completion of master degree in commerce from Nepal. Then, I worked with financial and investment banking company in Nepal as a capacity of chief operating officer. After having ten years of fruitful professional experience in the area of the Nepalese financial market, I am trying to enhance my managerial skill and capability in the global market place by joining an MBA program in a University in the USA. I had in my mind that the ranking is not the criteria for selecting business school. Therefore, I try to select a business school based on the course coverage, class size and number of tenured professors, cost and the recognition of the program. I found the AACSB accredited MBA program at the Harrison College of Business at Southeast Missouri State University and expected to meet my expectation and desire. I then enrolled and came to Southeast with my wife and son to pursue my MBA degree. The supportive and cooperative attitude of university staff and faculty helped me a lot to be acquainted easily with the new environment within the short span of time.

Small class size, having diversified students across the globe and personalized relationships with the tenured professors will help me to accomplish my academic expectation and to enhance learning opportunity. Likewise, an excellent study environment, having a wide variety of choices from Finance to International Business and Accounting to Environmental Management allow most students to concentrate on their specific area as well. Ample numbers of well qualified tenured professors are delivering high quality education in order to marry the academic expectation of the students at Southeast.

Be a member of Southeast Harrison MBA, improve an academic knowledge and skill, enlarge the personal contact, and enhance your fruitful future career opportunity.


Dempster Hall 246
MBA Program
One University Plaza, MS 5890
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701