Southeast Missouri State University

Izabela Slowikowska

The Republic of Poland

Began her studies for an MBA in 2000

My experience at Southeast was really good. Professors and staff are very caring about their students; they have an expert knowledge in their fields, and they are willing to help when the need arises. In addition the MBA program has a nice technology available, including several open computer labs, two ITV classes, and more. This really makes the program more efficient and effective.

In most parts, I think that the program has a good quality. It gives great knowledge, and it is increasingly focusing on the importance of hands-on projects. One summer, I took MG850 class (Introduction to Supply Chain Management) with Dr. Ehie. It was a very hard elective, but I benefited a lot from this class. I had to study a lot, but the knowledge that I gained and its practical uses are the most valuable lessons a student can take out of the class.