Emiko Uyama


Began her studies for an MBA in 1999

While I was studying English linguistics at my university in Japan, I had an opportunity to study at the Intensive English program at Southeast only for a summer session. I noticed how it is a very safe place, and living expense is not high to compare with other places. These factors made me go back to Southeast after graduating a university in Japan. Moreover, I knew that Southeast has a good MBA program and half of MBA students are from many countries. I thought this environment would be very challengeable for me. After taking many prerequisite classes, since my bachelor degree is English, I got accepted to the MBA program. I learned there are many business concepts and how communication is very important in the business world. I learned not only business things, but also to cooperate with other students including international students. I thought it was a really good opportunity for my future career.

After I graduated, I worked at a Japanese automotive company in the US, and now I work at an American semiconductor company in Japan. I enjoy both cultures through my work. I appreciate what I learned in MBA program at Southeast.


Dempster Hall 246
MBA Program
One University Plaza, MS 5890
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701