• MBA_Flags_Bulgaria_2007

    Anna Alexieva

    Republic of Bulgaria

    I have my Master of Science in Finance from the University for National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria. While I was graduate student I worked in the Accounting Department of a big software company. A year after my graduation, in 2000, I learned about the Southeast Missouri MBA program from my friends and decided to apply for it...

  • MBA_Flags_Denmark_2007

    Gitte Gliese Amstrup

    The Kingdom of Denmark
    My choice to attend Southeast Missouri State University was based on recommendations from other Danish students who had enjoyed their time in the MBA program at Southeast. They described the nice atmosphere in the program with the small class room sizes, a good student faculty relationship, as well as a fine social interaction between students. I must say that the University has met all of these expectations...
  • MBA_Flags_France_2007

    Karim Djerboa

    The French Republic

    I am currently employed as a marketing manager at Allied Asset Advisors, Burr Ridge Illinois, promoting one of the Dow Jones Ethical Mutual funds. My task is to build the appropriate marketing strategy and adapt it to the market changes, which mainly consist of targeting the right population with the right marketing messages and promoting the right services proposed to them...

  • MBA_Flags_China_2007

    Liang Fu

    The People's Republic of China

    Since my graduation with a bachelor degree of marketing in Shanghai, I have been working in a joint venture as a manager assistant for more than one year. However, in order to further enhance my managerial expertise and advance my career, I came to Southeast Missouri State University in pursuit of MBA degree...

  • MBA_Flags_India_2007

    Chondamma Gummatira

    Republic of India

    Immediately after my graduation in Business Management, I did a one-year Post-Graduate diploma in business management. Then, I began to develop my computer skills and later took up a job as an instructor in the same field. However, I was not satisfied there. So I decided to pursue my graduate studies in the field of business management...

  • MBA_Flags_Malaysia_2007

    Ibrahim Mat-Seddek


    In Fall 1996, I received a BSc. in Business Administration degree from Southeast Missouri State University. Prior to pursuing the MBA, I was a corporate loan executive at local bank and a corporate sales administrative executive at an engineering firm in Malaysia. As an international student and based on my undergraduate experiences, I felt that Southeast Missouri State University truly offered high quality education and great student life experiences in terms of having the opportunity to engage with local...

  • MBA_Flags_Denmark_2007

    Jesper Noer

    Kingdom of Denmark
    Pursuing my MBA at the Harrison College of Business came as a natural choice for me. From my undergraduate years at Southeast I had experienced the quality of the program first hand and knew that it would help me realize my career goals in life...
  • MBA_Flags_Denmark_2007

    Morten Rasmussen

    Kingdom of Denmark
    I chose Southeast upon several criteria. First and foremost the university was recommended to me by former MBA students, which really made me interested in the first place. After further research I found the MBA program to be highly qualified, especially due to the MBA program's world recognized AACSB-Accreditation...
  • MBA_Flags_India_2007

    Mohankumari Ryali

    Republic of India

    My previous teaching experience together with my MBA degree made a huge difference in securing my current job position. The right combination of management information systems, marketing, international business, strategic decision making, quality, extensive research skills, management communication and leadership had placed me in a better position among my peers to advance confidently in my path...

  • MBA_Flags_Brazil_2007

    Maurilio Serretti

    Federative Republic of Brazil

    After I received my diploma in Management Information Systems from a University in Brazil I knew it was time for me to take a step further on my career development. During that time I was working for a small-sized company in their IT department being solely responsible for all of its IT operations. I decided then to come to Southeast Missouri State University in order to obtain a MBA degree...

  • MBA_Flags_Nepal_2007

    Suman Shrestha


    I joined with Nepal Stock Exchange immediately after the completion of master degree in commerce from Nepal. Then, I worked with financial and investment banking company in Nepal as a capacity of chief operating officer. After having ten years of fruitful professional experience in the area of the Nepalese financial market, I am trying to enhance my managerial skill and capability in the global market place by joining an MBA program in a University in the USA...

  • MBA_Flags_Poland_2007

    Izabela Slowikowska

    The Republic of Poland

    My experience at Southeast was really good. Professors and staff are very caring about their students; they have an expert knowledge in their fields, and they are willing to help when the need arises. In addition the MBA program has a nice technology available, including several open computer labs, two ITV classes, and more. This really makes the program more efficient and effective...

  • MBA_Flags_Japan_2007

    Emiko Uyama

    While I was studying English linguistics at my university in Japan, I had an opportunity to study at the Intensive English program at Southeast only for a summer session. I noticed how it is a very safe place, and living expense is not high to compare with other places. These factors made me go back to Southeast after graduating a university in Japan. Moreover, I knew that Southeast has a good MBA program and half of MBA students are from many countries...
  • MBA_Flags_Russia_2007

    Elena Wallace

    The Russian Federation

    I received my undergraduate degree from Southeast, so enrolling in the newly created MBA program was a natural progression of things. This program provides the same high level of education (I really enjoyed most of my classes!) and experience as many bigger name schools...

  • MBA_Flags_Netherlands_2007

    Suzanne VanNes

    The Netherlands

    After spending a semester here for undergrad, I decided to return from the Netherlands to pursue my MBA in general management. I really enjoy the general management track because I feel like you get the chance to learn a little about every aspect of business...


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