The Harrison College of Business of Southeast Missouri State University recently expanded its MBA degree options by introducing an option in International Business. Internationally experienced faculty prepare our students for management positions in companies participating in all aspects of international commerce and trade, which range from small businesses to large multinational corporations. The primary objective of this degree option is to provide specialized curriculum to prepare our students for managerial careers in international businesses.

Under the degree option, students will

  • gain intensive academic specialization in the area of business and management, both domestic and international
  • obtain breath of understanding and professional skills in international business and management
  • develop an in-depth understanding of the international dimension to business and the impacts of globalization
  • develop enhanced sensitivity to other cultures and intercultural experience through interacting and working in teams with our students from throughout the world

By design, the International Business degree option is interdisciplinary and integrative in nature, emphasizing the development and improvement of cultural, financial, managerial, economic, and marketing understanding of the international environment. Graduates from our program that chose the International Business degree option will be prepared for managerial tasks in domestic companies participating in international business as well as in multinational companies throughout the world.
Currently, approximately 36 percent of our MBA students and half of our Alumni are international. This international nature of our program provides a dynamic class environment and a uniquely global perspective on key business issues. Since Southeast Missouri State University launched its MBA program in Fall 1996, students from more than 25 countries have studied at our MBA program. Currently, students from more than 15 different countries represent their nations. These students bring the world to our classrooms, and therefore to a great extent support the learning environment of international business and of intercultural skills.

This, in particular, is greatly appreciated by our domestic MBA students. In fact, by recruiting international students, we attach great importance to the selection of students from different countries, cultures and backgrounds, instead numerous students from a few countries. We consider this diversity of our students to be one of the major factors that make our MBA program so exceptional. All of our students have the opportunity to study abroad, whether for a few weeks at International Summer Schools or for one or even more semesters at our partner universities throughout the world (see international study opportunities below).


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