Kurt Bliggenstorfer

During my four years at Southeast Missouri State, I was able to accomplish many of my goals by obtaining my bachelors degree. I was able to gain practical knowledge of the financial industry and get hands on experience through my internship. Now that I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to obtain my MBA, I will have the chance to enhance my skills and experiences. I feel that by the knowledge that I will gain through my graduate work will give me an advantage and opportunities for advancement whichever firm I go to work for.

I chose Southeast's MBA program for two reasons; 1. I was very comfortable with the great staff at the Harrison College of Business from my undergraduate experience. 2. I was fortunate enough to receive a Graduate Assistantship from the University Center.

I am currently finishing up my first semester of my program. The courses in the General Track have met my expectations thus far. I feel that with the knowledgeable staff at the Harrison College of business and the attractiveness of Cape Girardeau, future students should highly consider continuing their education at Southeast Missouri State.

Landon Brewer

I chose Southeast's MBA program for several reasons. 1st. I knew that in order to advance to any upper level position in the US or abroad, I needed something beyond a standard bachelor's degree. I also knew that only an AACSB accredited program would be acceptable by most employers. At most Universities, an MBA can be EXTREMELY expensive and I did not want to be burdened down with tons of debt and student loans to repay. When narrowing my search, I visited Southeast Missouri State University and was pleasantly surprised. I discovered that the atmosphere here was friendly and encouraging, while still academically challenging and well respected by the business community. I decided to apply immediately.

After I was accepted and had begun school, I soon found several excellent surprises. The class sizes were excellent and the faculty, including the Dean and Program Director was always available to me. The student population was more diverse than I had ever imagined and as I only had little experience working with such a diverse group of people, this became on e of my greatest learning experiences. I worked briefly in the MBA Office and as a Graduate Assistant, which both helped me out with tuition and got me acclimated to the fun campus. I took advantage of several opportunities to get involved and made several friends in the process.

As I am approaching the completion of my degree, I look back at what I have gained and realized that I could not have had the same experience anywhere else. Not only will I hold well-respected degree and have several employment options available to me but also I have made some great friends, benefited from living in an affordable and easy-going Midwest city, and actually enjoyed my learning experience for the first time. If I had to do it all over again, I would do it the exact same way!

Derrick Brown

I have been delighted to study here at Southeast Missouri State University. I received my undergraduate degree here majoring in Marketing Management with a minor in Administrative Management. I have been here for a while but the time spent here has been well worth it. Being a former athlete and current G.A. for the track team has given me the experience to meet and keep in contact with a lot of people that have came and went through the Southeast system. The reason I wanted to stay in school, and preferably here at Southeast, was because of the great education I received while in undergrad.

The faculty has been great and I felt they have done everything possible to make sure that I was prepared for the real world, whether or not I received and MBA degree. An MBA degree from Southeast is going to open many doors for me in the future. Furthering my education from an accredited institution has given me the diversity, knowledge, and flexibility that I believe many employers are going to be looking for upon employment. It is going to give me the opportunity to advance my career and extend my managerial skills.

My expectations before I entered the program were already established based on my undergraduate experiences. The program, once again, has given me the opportunity to expand my horizons and achieve more than most, and instilled in me a hard work ethic and perseverance that allows me to achieve anything I set out to accomplish. The MBA program has also given me great discipline and time management skills that are going to come in handy in the near future once I start my career. If anyone, international or domestic, asked me about the MBA program I would definitely start by telling them that it is very challenging. The courses are well worth it and the experiences, educational and social, are fulfilling and very valuable. I would advise anyone who wanted realize their dream at an MBA degree to attend Southeast Missouri State University. It's the opportunity of a lifetime!!

Angela Burton

I went straight to the MBA program upon completion of by bachelors in business administration. I was in my early 30's. I worked for many years, stayed home with the kids, then decided to go back to school to finish my bachelors, and then masters.An MBA is a very recognized, admired credential. It gives me the advantage needed over bachelor candidates.

My achieved MBA from Southeast Missouri State University helped me to achieve my personal, professional and academic goals I am in a position that I would otherwise not be in due to this degree.
The reasons I chose Southeast Missouri State University to study at for an MBA was location -we had moved to the area first. I expected to have a greater, in-depth understanding of the business environment, and it fulfilled that.

My impressions about Southeast Missouri State University (campus, student life, administration etc.) were very nice - everyone was always very helpful. The MBA program itself was nice as well, especially the variety of classes and exposure. Everyone was always willing to help.

If I were asked to tell prospective students whether it is worth studying for an MBA at Southeast Missouri State University I would answer: Yes! Great experience, great knowledge, you will be offered help if needed, you will not be alone.

Lenell O'Connell

Southeast is a wonderful University. I attended Southeast as an undergraduate and I knew that I wanted to stay at Southeast for graduate School. I like the town of Cape Girardeau and feel the education I received at the undergraduate level was excellent. Students have many opportunities to get involved in several organizations, which provides great networking opportunities. The graduate program in business attracts many International students allowing you to meet new people from different areas of the world and experience their cultural differences.

I think Southeast is doing a good job of preparing students for the real world by promoting real-world experiences in the class-room. Many instructors conduct mini-cases on actual companies that provide a look into real companies, and instructors also assign projects with real companies to work with them on finding a solution to a current problem they are facing. In addition students are encouraged to do internships.The University furthermore provides a good framework for learning. It has high technical abilities, especially in the College of Business, which is one of the most advanced buildings on campus. They conduct ITV, have 5 computer labs throughout the building, and all of the class rooms are equipped with computers, Internet, overheads, projectors, screen, and video capabilities.

In conclusion I want to say that the MBA program is meeting my overall expectations of a quality program. The program is still fairly new, but much is being done to continuously improve the curriculum by adding courses and more specialized tracks. That will all add to the quality of the program in the future.

Tyra Reppert

My experience with the M.B.A. program has been rewarding. I have met many different people with various backgrounds of business and culture. I believe my experiences will only help on the road of my career. I have enjoyed participating with and getting to know all the MBA Association members.

Patricia Sander

I attended Southeast as an undergraduate and received my Bachelor's degree in Accounting. Upon graduation, I chose to continue at Southeast to pursue my MBA because I really enjoyed my experience as an undergraduate. Student life here is enjoyable, the faculty do an excellent job of preparing students for life after college and the Cape Girardeau area is a really nice place to live and go to school. An MBA will contribute greatly to my future professional career.

Upon entering my professional career, I believe having an MBA will help set me apart from those who only have a Bachelor's degree. The program also helps me to fulfill the 150 hour requirement to sit for the CPA exam and will make me a more rounded individual. I chose to take the MBA Accounting track because that's what I have my Bachelor's degree in and I would like to gain as much knowledge as I can in this area. So far I have really enjoyed the MBA program at Southeast.

John Gaines

"While I was working on my bachelors at Southeast I got to know the faculty as well as many of the students. I am quite comfortable with the facilities and resources. When I decided to continue my education with a masters, there really was no question of where to go since Southeast offers an MBA. Although I am still in my first semester of the masters program I believe I have learned more practical knowledge associated with my field this semester than any other."

Jen Cross

"More than anything, I enjoy the amount of diversity that the Southeast MBA program has. With so many international students from all over the globe I get views about the world of business that I would have never thought about. Also, you become very close with most everyone in your classes and forge lasting friendships. Friendships that go beyond the classroom and that will last a lifetime."

China Cathey

"Although this is only my first semester in the program, I feel that I have already gained so much. Working as a graduate assistant has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have undertaken. Professors trust you with important tasks such as helping them with their own research and they really value your opinions and advice. It is a very close-knit family between the professors and their students and I just appreciate how much everyone cares and is willing to help each other out."

Ryan Lohmeier

"As I near completion of my MBA, I look back and see that the MBA program has been better than I ever expected. Last year I worked full-time as a retail manager while going part-time, which really taught me how to balance my professional and personal life—one skill that can be hard to pick-up once you graduate. While I gained excellent time-management skills as well, I decided to devote my full attention to school this semester. I feel that devoting the majority of your time to your graduate work can be very beneficial. It has allowed me to create closer relationships with my peers and my professors, enriching the learning experience. Here at Southeast, professors stress teamwork and cooperation in our classes and being able to devote more attention to school work has allowed me to truly contribute and benefit in this type of learning environment. Due to the international diversity as well, I have learned so much already about other culture and countries. Overall, it has exposed me to new and valuable experiences that I will be able to carry forward into my profession."


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