Southeast is affordable and an excellent education “best buy.” U.S. News and World Report recognized Southeast in 2003 as one of the country’s institutions having the “least indebted students.”

Tuition costs at Southeast Missouri State University have one of the most attractive cost-benefit-relationship among universities of similar size. Our exceptional MBA program, accredited by AACSB, has one of the lowest tuition fees compared to major universities within and outside the state (see table below for a comparison of tuition fees per credit hour).
Current Fee Information
We encourage prospective students to do their own comparison of fees for programs in the area,(such as: University of Missouri-Columbia; University of Missouri-St Louis; University of Kentucky; University of Arkansas; University of Illinois.)  We are confident that you will find Southeast Missouri State University to be an exceptional value.

Rents for neat and spacious 2-bedroom apartments located close to university start at around $400 a month. Also all other living and spare time expenses are relatively low in Cape Girardeau and our students qualify for discounts in bookstores, hair salons, movie theaters, restaurants, bars and many more shopping, dining and entertainment places.

Availibility of Graduate Assistantships

For fall semesters as well as for spring semesters, a number of graduate assistantships are offered in the Donald L. Harrison College of Business, as well as in offices across the university. Advantages include the learning experience with faculty and with national and international graduate assistants, the waiver of all tuition fees*, as well as the payment of a monthly stipend that may be applied toward living expenses. The assistantship may also involve small business consulting. Our state-of-the-art, award-winning facility, the Robert A. Dempster Hall, provides offices for our graduate assistants. All offices are fully-equipped and technologically up-to-date (personal computers with high speed network internet connection, laser and color jet printers, telephone etc.) to create a facilitating and pleasant work environment for our graduate assistants. Graduate assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis and are granted for one year. The assistantship will be extended for a second year, if the graduate assistant satisfactorily completed his or her assignments within the first year.

*Tuition waiver waives up to 9 credit hours for each fall and spring semester and up to 6 credit hours for the summer term. Given our 33-credit hour program to achieve an MBA, a graduate assistant would not have to pay any tuition fees during his or her graduate studies if the assistantship will be extended for a second year.

Graduate Assistant Selection Process and Application


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MBA Program
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