We believe that an ideal preparation of our students, so that they will succeed in their future careers, should include practical experience within their graduate education. In the MBA program at Southeast Missouri State University, students have the opportunity to participate in internship assignments (and receive full credit as an elective course) that bring our graduate students into contact with the managerial practice of business. Our students have benefited from internships with KPMG Peat Marwick, Merrill Lynch, Coca Cola, American Express Financial, Northwestern Mutual Life, to name just a few. Sponsors of these internships evaluate students highly on their communication, teamwork, leadership, and problem solving skills. Over 95 percent of our internship sponsors indicate they would consider hiring graduates from Harrison College of Business.

Each semester, a number of graduate assistantships are offered in the Donald L. Harrison College of Business, as well as in offices across the university. Advantages include the learning experience with faculty as well as with national and international graduate assistants.

By joining and actively participating in the MBA Association (MBAA) at the Harrison College of Business, students have the opportunity to apply their comprehensive, up-to-date, and valuable knowledge gained in the classroom in practical projects.

Last but not least, our practically experienced MBA students, who participate in class discussions and team projects contribute to a better understanding of the material and bring up different perspectives. This, in particular, helps less practically experienced students and contributes to an active and dynamic learning environment.

MBA Association (MBAA)

The MBA Association of the Harrison College of Business was co-founded in late August, 2000 by the Director of the MBA program, Dr. Kenneth A. Heischmidt, and former president of the MBA Association, Jesper Noer (MBA General Management/BSBA International Business), who is now a consultant with Accenture. Currently a great number of students are actively associated with the organization and this number is constantly increasing as the MBA program is continuing its expansion. The mission of the MBA Association is to assist dually or fully admitted MBA students with their transition into graduate school, to provide balance between their academic, professional, and social lives and to give all MBA students and candidates a chance to build relationships through networking with each other and the surrounding business community. The purpose of the MBA Association, in brief, is to make life easier for students pursuing a graduate business degree. This purpose is adopted due to the recognition of the fact that building a solid network of social and professional contacts throughout ones college career, makes getting ahead in one's life much easier. Therefore, the MBA Association strives to provide great opportunities for its excellent student body to expand their horizons both professionally and socially.

Starting this spring semester 2004, the Harrison College of Business at Southeast Missouri State University is expanding its MBA Association (MBAA) membership due to extending an invitation to all in the region who have completed an MBA degree to become a professional member of the MBAA. The MBA Association is open to anyone who holds an MBA degree, regardless of the university that awarded the degree, said Dr. Ken Heischmidt, director of the MBA program at Southeast. "The MBAA offers both professional and social opportunities for its professional and student members," Heischmidt said. "The association knows there are many MBA graduates in Southeast Missouri from a broad range of institutions. We believe individuals completing an MBA program have a special relationship based on a common academic experience."

A professional membership in Southeast's MBAA will offer individuals with MBAs the opportunity to connect with business leaders throughout the region.

"It will also provide business leaders throughout the region with an opportunity to mentor young, rising professionals and pass on lessons learned beyond the classroom," he said.

The MBAA brings many accomplished speakers to the University. Speakers have included former British MP Matthew Banks; the late U.S. Sen. Paul Simon; Francisco Ortega Gomez, executive vice president and general manager of Banco Amazonas in Guayaquil, Ecuador; and Dwain Hahs, senior vice president of Bausch & Lomb. The association also sponsors panel discussions with leading practitioners. A recent entrepreneurship panel brought together Jim Scherer, a Southeast alumnus and successful high-end home appliance dealer and property developer in Nashville, Tenn.; Douglas Greene of Skytech Enterprises, Inc., in Seattle, Wash.; and Michael Doran, who recently retired as chairman of Dynamic Systems, Inc., and relocated to Poplar Bluff, Mo.

The association has sponsored corporate visits to major businesses such as Anheuser Busch in St. Louis; Federal Express in Memphis, Tenn.; Nordenia USA in Cape Girardeau; and Maritz Marketing Research Company in St. Louis.  The Association also coordinates networking opportunities for MBA students so they may interact with practitioners on a more informal basis.

As part of the MBA Departments Strategic Plan, the activities of the MBA Association are an effort to support the concept of active learning and the idea that the application of learned knowledge should be an integral part of the MBA curriculum.


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