Kelly Lambing 
From: Saint Louis, MO
Major: MBA Accounting

As my senior year of college at Southeast Missouri State University began, I realized that graduation was just around the corner. Since I majored in Accounting and planned to eventually sit for the CPA exam, I knew that I had to complete more hours for the 150-hour requirement.  Some of my classmates planned on double-majoring and some wanted to get their Master’s degree. It didn’t take long for me to decide what route I wanted to take. That route was to stay at Southeast Missouri State University to complete my MBA degree. First of all, I loved the campus. It has such history intertwined with beautiful architecture on top of the highest point in Cape Girardeau. In addition, I really learned a lot from the faculty in the business department thus far and knew that the personal attention that they gave toward the students would continue even more in my MBA. Finally, the MBA program encouraged students interested in the program to apply for available graduate assistantships. Therefore, I applied for and received a graduate assistantship, and began my MBA degree this semester. 
Being in the MBA program is better than I had ever expected! The professors challenge students academically as well as socially. In many of my classes, we work together in groups for projects and presentations. In addition, there is such diversity in the student body. I have learned so much already about the cultures of others countries through group projects and social gatherings outside of class through the MBA Association. When everyone puts together their experiences, it creates such an enriching atmosphere for learning. As for my graduate assistantship, I really enjoy it. I work with an accounting professor part of the time helping with research for publications and with class preparation. I find it really beneficial to be able to work so closely with someone in the profession that I am interested in. The other part of the time, I work with the Small Business Development Center helping with business counseling and grant proposals. I have already learned so much about owning and operating a small business. Overall, it exposes me to new and valuable experiences that I can bring with me for the future. Getting my MBA at Southeast Missouri State University was one of the best choices I have made.   

Daniel Rottig
From: Germany
Major: MBA International Business

Since my graduation with a diploma in Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden/Germany, I have been working for the German banking division of ING Group in Frankfurt/Germany. In order to enhance my knowledge in the area of International Business and to improve my managerial and intercultural skills, I chose to study for an MBA degree in the USA. By choosing the right institution, the ranking of the university was not as important for me as was an accredited program, which covers the areas I am interested in. The AACSB accredited MBA program with its variety of degree options (I chose International Business) and diversity of students (50% of the Alumni and more than one-third of the current MBA students are international) at Southeast Missouri State University met all my expectations.

Since I commenced my studies in August, 2002, I have been impressed by the outstanding and exceptional MBA program. The interesting and challenging curriculum, my job as a graduate assistant, the diversity of national and international students, the excellent faculty, as well as the friendly and peaceful campus environment create an optimal ambience to obtain knowledge and to enjoy life as a student. I believe that studying as a full-time student to achieve an MBA degree as well as gaining valuable working experience as a graduate assistant will contribute greatly to my future professional career. I already feel myself being part of this great community and I am looking forward to the semesters to come.

It is fairly difficult to draw a realistic picture of an MBA student’s life by solely delineating activities of a single day. One day might be entirely different than another, however, there exists a pattern of activities, which may depict a typical Southeast MBA student’s day.
Such a typical day as a Southeast MBA student would start with a quick shower and dress for the day (business casual).

  • Morning: Activities such as Breakfast, getting the latest news, checking snail mail and e-mail as well as going over the schedule of the day ahead come next. Then heading to the library to work on assignments, to prepare classes, and to meet with fellow students and group members to discuss topical issues as well as to work on team projects and class presentations.
  • Noon: Lunchtime and relaxation.
  • Afternoon: After lunch, I typically work on my assignments as a graduate assistant in my office (which I share with 2 fellow graduate assistants) in the state-of-the-art, award-winning facility (the Robert A. Dempster Hall), which is home of the Donald L. Harrison College of Business.
  • Late Afternoon: Before classes start in the evening, I typically utilize my time with recreational activities such as swimming or running.
    Evening: Classes, which mostly take from 7:00 - 10:00 p.m. The excellent faculties who bring the wealth of their experiences and research to the classroom as well as the diversity of students from different educational and cultural backgrounds create an optimal environment to obtain, discuss, and apply knowledge.
  • Late Evening: After classes, some fellow students and I sometimes take advantage of local bars’ happy hour offers and talk about "what’s news". Back home again, I usually review the day and make plans for the next. Then, I check my e-mails one last time and call my family back in Europe, where it is already the next day’s morning.

Reading a weekly news magazine or a fascinating book or watching an interesting program on Television ends the day. Lights out!
I am thoroughly convinced that the MBA program at Southeast Missouri State University is an optimal preparation for my future career, both academically and personally. Being a Southeast MBA student is a great and unforgettable experience! 

Christie Olson
From: Wildwood, MO
Major: MBA General Management

A typical Tuesday...

08:00      The alarm blares. I hit the snooze button. I should get up and start my homework but my comfy cotton sheets draw me in.
08:15 The alarm blares. I hit the snooze button.
08:30 Third times a charm...well not with me. The alarm blares. I hit the snooze button.
08:35  My backup alarm on my cell phone goes off. Okay, now I know that I really have to get out of bed and hit the shower.
09:35 Well I’ve showered and am about ready to head to school, but I’m a typical girl I try clothes on, take them off, throw them on the floor until I find the outfit that fits my mood for the day. Oh yea, FOOD, I grab a granola bar and head out the door. Only I usually forget something, today it’s my textbook, so I go back in.
10:00 I’ve finally found my way to my office in Dempster Hall. I am a graduate assistant and I have an office in the College of Business that I share with two other classmates. Today I have a fifteen page case study due in Strategic Decision Making. I have about ¾ of it done, but it needs the finishing touches. This is what my Tuesday afternoons usually consist of tweaking my case study due that evening.
14:30 Lunch time has come and gone and I’m still sitting at the computer. I’m almost done with my homework but my rumbling stomach wins the battle. I head to McDonald’s for a double-cheeseburger and fries off the dollar menu. (Still eating like a typical college student.) Then I swing by the gas station Rhodes for a 32 oz. fountain Powerade. Living in Cape has made me addicted to them, as there’s a drive-up gas station on every corner. Just order at the window and they’ll serve it right up. Never have I seen a town with drive-through gas station before, one thing that makes Cape unique.
17:11 Cardinals have a rare afternoon game today so I must watch as they challenge the Dodgers in a NLDS game. That’s what’s wonderful about graduate school if you are a student without a full-time job. You have a lot of demanding and time-consuming coursework but if you plan your time you have lots of flexibility. However, during a typical afternoon I would spend my time doing research as for my Graduate Assistantship position or working on my applied research paper I just began.
18:00 The game is in the 8th but I must finish my case study. I put the finishing touches on my work with the Cards completing their 8-3 victory over LA in background.
19:00 Classtime! I head to Dempster for Strategic Decision Making. We are discussing diversification strategies today in class. I must make sure that my class participation is up to par since a significant portion of our grade is based on the quality of our class participation.
21:45 After class my classmates and I always head down to the local bars to socialize and take advantage of the great happy hour deals. Just like every other Tuesday was hit up Nick’s Sports Bar for $4 10” pizzas for a late night snack and some drinks.
00:00 Return home and do some work on my case study due tomorrow in Strategic Marketing. I’m a late night person and I won’t be able to sleep for a couple of hours.
02:30  Lights out! I crawl into bed with ESPN Sportscenter. I can’t fall asleep without catching up on everything that happened in sports for the day. Finally I drift off to sleep around 3:00 a.m.....

Kris Woolf
From: Springfield, MO
Major: MBA General Management

Many students may wonder why choose an MBA.  I have known since I started undergrad at SEMO that I was planning on continuing my education by receiving my MBA.  The reason for this is my major was accounting and to reach the 150-hour requirement it was necessary for me to further my education.  The most logically way was to continue at SEMO and begin the MBA.  I also choose SEMO because of the great experiences I had as an undergrad and I enjoyed the campus and the city of Cape Girardeau. 

Since beginning the MBA I have been nothing but satisfied with my choice of staying at SEMO.  The professors do a great job of challenging students and expecting them to put forth their best effort.  I also love the core classes that are required, because this helps give me a better base of business courses rather than just the accounting courses I have had for the past two years.
School Schedule:

My typically day begins around 7 a.m.  This is when I usually go for a morning jog (I am a member of the track team).  After this is when my day begins.  I will usually do homework for a better part of the morning.  This might include reading a few chapters or working out homework problems for class.

In the afternoon I have practice again from 2 to about 5 so my afternoons are pretty busy with that.  After practice is when classes are.  Most classes are not before 7 but I had one that started at 5:30.  The fall semester of 05, I had classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night.

Work Schedule  
I am a graduate assistant in the MBA program.  The majority of my work is done in the mornings on the days I don’t have class and the days that I have less homework to catch up on.  Some of my duties include grading papers for professors as well as helping with some of the course material.  Another responsibility of mine is promoting the MBA program.  This requires me to give presentations to various organizations on campus to encourage students to pursuing an MBA.

If you have any questions about the MBA program feel free to contact me at
Gwenda S. Bennett
From: Cape Girardeau, MO
Major: MBA General Management

All my classes are in the evening, leaving my daytimes free to work and study.  I usually wake up early and work on my homework due that evening.  Most days, I only have to catch up on a reading assignment, with perhaps some accounting problems to complete.  I can do this at my house, which is only a couple blocks from the school.  But at least I can sip on my coffee and work at my computer in my pajamas for longer.  On occasion, I even go for a run around Capaha Park to get outside and enjoy some exercise.

Most students also have a group project due about once a week, but we generally complete the majority of it over the weekend because everyone else in my group has full-time day jobs.  So in the afternoons, it is my responsibility to take everyone’s comments and/or edits of our paper and incorporate them into the final version to be submitted to the professor.  By this time I have showered and dressed and work on the computer at school so I can access the Internet and email.  Email is how my group communicates most of our work to each other because of our conflicting schedules.


Time for class.  Tuesdays are the worst, because I have class from 5:30 to 10:00.  But I just remind myself that my days are free and that thought gets me through.  It is much easier to pay attention in most of my MBA classes than it was in undergraduate.  And unlike law school, I do not get nervous that the professors are going to humiliate me in front of the rest of my classmates.  So attending class is pretty painless, and I find that when I attend and pay attention, I don’t really have to spend a lot of time preparing for tests.
I usually go home after class because it is late and I have put in a full day.

Work Day Schedule

Morning and Afternoon:

On days that I work at the University (I am a Graduate Assistant in SEMO’s Harrison College of Business HCOB), I wake up and haul my coffee cup (and sometimes the whole pot) to my office on the second floor of Dempster.  One day a week I grade homework assignments and exams for one of my professors’ online classes.  I also address any issues or questions the students might have about their grades.  I have even guest-lectured in one of my professor’s live classes to give me face-to-face teaching experience.
Another day, I research for several papers that one of my professors is writing.  Next semester I will receive co-author credit and we are hoping to get published in a scholarly journal.  Sometimes I spend the time practicing and applying computer skills like creating a webpage and learning how to better use software applications in completing my work assignments.  My professors are pretty flexible with how I spend my time as long as I get the necessary work done.  They are quite encouraging of my efforts to expand my experience and knowledge through opportunities offered through the University and the HCOB.

Afternoon and Evening:

My work hours usually end mid-afternoon, giving me the rest of the day free time.  I often stay at school and work on class projects or homework assignments, but sometimes I go home and take a nap or do household chores I just bought a house so there is always something to do to take care of it.  On the evenings I am free, I try to make plans to do something social.  I have several friends in town because I grew up here, but I have also made many new friends since returning to the Cape area a year ago.  I am involved in community activities, like the Chamber of Commerce, Ducks Unlimited, University of Missouri Alumni Association, and St. Andrew Lutheran Church, so I often have things to do for those groups.  It is a good break from the MBA program, and I like the idea that I am building relationships in the community that may not only help me in my future career, but also provide friendships both now and in the future.


Dempster Hall 246
MBA Program
One University Plaza, MS 5890
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701