Anna Alexieva

Nationality: Bulgaria

I have my Master of Science in Finance from the University for National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria. While I was graduate student I worked in the Accounting Department of a big software company. A year after my graduation, I learned about the Southeast Missouri MBA program from my friends and decided to apply for it.

The MBA program expanded my knowledge in finance, marketing and accounting and about their roles in the general management. I learned about the best business practices in U.S. and worldwide and how companies can improve their organizations' productivity, profitability, and employee relations. Gaining a comprehensive education in all aspects of business was very important for my future career as a manager.

I enjoyed the friendly environment, classrooms and the library with on-line computer linkups in Harrison College of Business and Southeast Missouri State University. I received an individualized attention in solving all problems encountered throughout my education from MBA staff. Southeast Missouri faculty can be distinguished not only with its knowledgeable and experienced professors but also with their commitment to the personal success of each student.

Gitte Gliese Amstrup

Nationality: Denmark

My choice to attend Southeast Missouri State University was based on recommendations from other Danish students who had enjoyed their time in the MBA program at Southeast. They described the nice atmosphere in the program with the small class room sizes, a good student faculty relationship, as well as a fine social interaction between students. I must say that the University has met all of these expectations!

I wanted to study abroad as a way to experience other cultures, and Southeast, with its broad base of International students, provide a great opportunity not only to experience the American culture but also to learn about other cultures around the world. The diversified student base in the MBA program adds tremendously to the experience both in the class room and outside of the class room.

Overall, there is no doubt that coming to Southeast to complete my MBA was the right choice. Most of my classes have provided very valuable insights to the business world. I have enjoyed the combined teaching methods of lectures, class discussions, case assignments, and teamwork. In addition, I have been privileged to be able to apply some of my knowledge through a Graduate Assistantship, which has also provided a solid financial support. I am convinced that my experience here at Southeast will be a tremendous support throughout my future career!

Karim Djerboa

Nationality: France

I am currently employed as a marketing manager at Allied Asset Advisors, Burr Ridge Illinois, promoting one of the Dow Jones Ethical Mutual funds. My task is to build the appropriate marketing strategy and adapt it to the market changes, which mainly consist of targeting the right population with the right marketing messages and promoting the right services proposed to them. Due to my IT background, BSC Computer Sciences, I also play a role in the optimizing the use of different software for our marketing and clients' service purposes.

There is no doubt that having an MBA from Southeast, was a major help in my job quest. A candidate holding an MBA is always considered before candidates having only a Bsc or another Master degree. I also have to say that the MBA curriculum at Southeast was very interesting and has helped me to think differently in term of business strategies. Added to this, the environment at Southeast was very favorable. The accessibility of professors and teachers was a great support during my studies. Having an MBA or any other degree does not necessary mean success in business, there is another reality out there, work atmosphere, work constraints, deadlines stress and in many cases hierarchy. Yet, for some reason I felt I was prepared to face all of this. Most of my teachers had mentioned this reality, which we were to face in the near future. The professors at Southeast are of a very good caliber. They know how to mix between pure academic teaching, professionalism due to their past experience and friendship in a wonderful frame of mutual respect.

I first attended Southeast in 1998. I was preparing a Masters of Sciences in International business at the University of Languedoc Rousillion in Montpellier, France. Southeast had an exchange program with my previous university, so I took a chance to come to the USA for the first time in my life with very poor English and decided to take the challenge of taking some business class at Southeast. It was a great experience during which I learned English, gained interest in studying in the US, but more important that this, I was so glad to meet all these wonderful teachers. My experience has since then motivated me to apply for different schools in the US. I have been accepted elsewhere, but Southeast offered me a graduate assistant. This was of course another reason why I didn't hesitate to come back to SEMO.

I want to pass on these 3 pieces of advice to students at Southeast:

  1. You are lucky to be at Southeast - take full advantage of it
  2. Cape Girardeau is maybe very small, but believe me it is the right place to be if you are really looking to gain knowledge. Furthermore, it is not that expensive compared to what you would have to pay else where for the same education
  3. Focus, do your best, and never forget Southeast

In the end, I have to say that the magic key is to work on learning on daily basis. It is all about experience and attitude!

Liang Fu

Nationality: People's Republic of China

Since my graduation with a bachelor degree of marketing in Shanghai, I have been working in a joint venture as a manager assistant for more than one year. However, in order to further enhance my managerial expertise and advance my career, I came to Southeast Missouri State University in pursuit of MBA degree. Its strong concentration on general management will provide me with a comprehensive exposure to every significant aspect directly associated with successful management. This distinctive feature of the MBA program at Southeast Missouri State University will indispensably contribute to my future managerial excellence and success. Since I commenced, I have been enjoying the cheerfulness brought by the peaceful and beautiful campus environment, and meanwhile incessantly obtaining pleasure from the friendliness of people on campus and the surrounding area. All of these positively add to the success of my studies. With the accreditation of AACSB and rapid amelioration of the MBA program under the efforts of many excellent faculty members, the MBA program at Southeast Missouri State University will indisputably be one of the best alternatives for you to materialize your business career expectation and open the door of your successful business endeavors.

Chondamma Gummatira

Nationality: India

Immediately after my graduation in Business Management, I did a one-year Post-Graduate diploma in business management. Then, I began to develop my computer skills and later took up a job as an instructor in the same field. However, I was not satisfied there. So I decided to pursue my graduate studies in the field of business management.

So, why MBA? This was the question that everyone asked me. I feel that in today's world of competition, and with the inter-dependency of countries increasing, a MBA (with an international experience) would be the best career option. I believe that the MBA experience will be a stepping stone to my future success and achievement. It will give me an opportunity to develop my skills needed to achieve my career goals.

I chose Southeast Missouri State University firstly because of its integrated curriculum. It has an excellent AACSB accredited program and challenging environments that will provide me with the opportunity to further enhance my knowledge and skills. When I first joined the MBA program, I chose the general management option. But since the last semester, I changed to the International Business option because I feel that an international experience will always help me gain some additional knowledge, management experience and skills that I lack at the moment.

I have enjoyed every moment of my life since I came to Southeast. Each day has been a good learning experience for me. The campus is really calm and friendly and creates a positive environment for learning. In all I can say that an MBA from Southeast is definitely a good option, a stepping stone for all your future endeavors.

Ibrahim Mat-Seddek

Nationality: Malaysia

In Fall 1996, I received a BSc. in Business Administration degree from Southeast Missouri State University. Prior to pursuing the MBA, I was a corporate loan executive at local bank and a corporate sales administrative executive at an engineering firm in Malaysia. As an international student and based on my undergraduate experiences, I felt that Southeast Missouri State University truly offered high quality education and great student life experiences in terms of having the opportunity to engage with local students and the communities and experienced the American culture. My return for the MBA at Southeast Missouri State University in Spring 2000, was primarily based on my experiences doing several courses with several of the undergraduate professors and knowing that the MBA professors have excellent credentials in teaching and research. My pursuit for the MBA in general management was truly a great learning experience in that I was working directly with several of the MBA professors as a graduate assistant and I was given the opportunity to be involved in a scholarly research project for the management department. The MBA program has indeed open the doors for me to explore in search of a more specialize field in my future academic endeavours. The AACSB accreditation of the MBA program clearly reflects the endless dedication and inspiration of the MBA professors and the University's staff to provide the best education experience that a graduate student can get at Southeast Missouri State University.

Jesper Noer

Nationality: Denmark

Pursuing my MBA at the Harrison College of Business came as a natural choice for me. From my undergraduate years at Southeast I had experienced the quality of the program first hand and knew that it would help me realize my career goals in life.

The student/faculty relationship is phenomenal and you are treated by both the administration and the faculty as the respected individual you are. The "open-door" policy is truly in place here and the faculty, the director, and even the dean is accessible to you whenever you need it. The classroom sizes are kept small to encourage constructive discussions that often times are initiated and facilitated by the students. The AACSB accreditation testifies to the quality of the content of the program itself.

Southeast MBA grads go places. The recruiters of the top companies in this country regard us (the graduates) as comparable and competitive to the graduates of the other big programs. I am a Southeast MBA graduate myself and am currently working for one of the Top 3 consulting companies in the world. The knowledge, skills, and abilities I gained from this program have made me feel very competent and competitive in comparison to some of my peers coming from ivy-league schools. And my education came at a third of the cost.

Morten Rasmussen

Nationality: Denmark

I chose Southeast upon several criteria. First and foremost the university was recommended to me by former MBA students, which really made me interested in the first place. After further research I found the MBA program to be highly qualified, especially due to the MBA program's world recognized AACSB-Accreditation. Also the small classes, which give high student interaction and many discussions with professors, had high priority for me. Furthermore, the opportunity of getting a Graduate Assistantship, and thereby solid economic basis also influenced my final decision. However, a Graduate Assistantship not only gives you a stipend, but also great working experiences in various working areas.

I chose the US for my master's degree, because the country is leading in many areas and set standards in many ways. I also wanted to experience a dynamic, International culture and get the opportunity to meet people from many different countries. These expectations have certainly been met as approximately 40 percent of the students in the MBA program are international students.

I have gained tremendously from my stay at southeast and in the states, both academically, personally and through my Graduate Assistantship in the University's Public Services department. Obviously, I can only signify Southeast's slogan: Experience Southeast, Experience Success!

Mohankumari Ryali

Nationality: India

My previous teaching experience together with my MBA degree made a huge difference in securing my current job position. The right combination of management information systems, marketing, international business, strategic decision making, quality, extensive research skills, management communication and leadership had placed me in a better position among my peers to advance confidently in my path.

I currently work with individuals from different teams (marketing, quality, documentation, product strategy) both within the US and around the world. Being able to converse with them in their expert areas helps me work with them better and understand their problems and concerns. This was made possible only with the skills and techniques that I learned in my MBA program at Southeast Missouri State University. Best of all, I really enjoyed my learning experience at Southeast. I never thought I would say this, but I miss going to Southeast!

The student-faculty relationship at Southeast is excellent. The faculty in the Harrison College of Business makes every effort to know the student both at an academic level and a personal level. The environment is very family like and very close-knit. Everyone knows everyone else both professionally and personally.

I felt welcomed at Southeast even before I got there! The response rate for submitting my application and being accepted was very quick. I was also personally in touch with the Director of the MBA program, Dr. Heischmidt who was very encouraging to patiently answer questions and concerns that I had. This responsiveness showed individual attention directed to my application. It felt very good to have a direct contact with the director of the MBA program who was very accessible at all times.

My advice to current graduate students in the MBA program is: Do your very best and learn everything that is being taught. You will be applying every skill, every technique, and every team work you have ever done. An MBA gives a competitive edge among your peers. I strongly recommend taking the International Business Program. Businesses today are global and this international experience, which is fun and educational, will look very good on your resume. Recruiters today are not only looking for knowledge experts, but also for people who are personable, capable of working in teams, multi-tasking, and who have international experience. Good luck and all the best!

Maurilio Serretti

Nationality: Brazil

After I received my diploma in Management Information Systems from a University in Brazil I knew it was time for me to take a step further on my career development. During that time I was working for a small-sized company in their IT department being solely responsible for all of its IT operations. I decided then to come to Southeast Missouri State University in order to obtain a MBA degree. I couldn't choose a better place to accomplish my objective. As an international student I knew it wouldn't be easy to live and learn in a country with a different culture from that I've lived in my entire life. But at Southeast the diversity of students definitely helps you to feel welcome. Not to mention the kindness and attention from faculty and staff you are going to meet on campus. However, none of that would make the experience worth if the MBA program wouldn't be unique. And that's what impressed me the most. The program is set up so you can learn the most of various business areas and the faculty is truly committed to make you strive on learning as much as it is possible during the program. Excellence is the word that comes to my mind when I think about the MBA program at Southeast Missouri State University.

Suman Shrestha

Nationality: Nepal

I joined with Nepal Stock Exchange immediately after the completion of master degree in commerce from Nepal. Then, I worked with financial and investment banking company in Nepal as a capacity of chief operating officer. After having ten years of fruitful professional experience in the area of the Nepalese financial market, I am trying to enhance my managerial skill and capability in the global market place by joining an MBA program in a University in the USA. I had in my mind that the ranking is not the criteria for selecting business school. Therefore, I try to select a business school based on the course coverage, class size and number of tenured professors, cost and the recognition of the program.

I found the AACSB accredited MBA program at the Harrison College of Business at Southeast Missouri State University and expected to meet my expectation and desire. I then enrolled and came to Southeast with my wife and son to pursue my MBA degree. The supportive and cooperative attitude of university staff and faculty helped me a lot to be acquainted easily with the new environment within the short span of time.

Small class size, having diversified students across the globe and personalized relationships with the tenured professors will help me to accomplish my academic expectation and to enhance learning opportunity.

Likewise, an excellent study environment, having a wide variety of choices from Finance to International Business and Accounting to Environmental Management allow most students to concentrate on their specific area as well. Ample numbers of well qualified tenured professors are delivering high quality education in order to marry the academic expectation of the students at Southeast. Be a member of Southeast Harrison MBA, improve an academic knowledge and skill, enlarge the personal contact, and enhance your fruitful future career opportunity.

Izabela Slowikowska

Nationality: Poland

My experience at Southeast was really good. Professors and staff are very caring about their students; they have an expert knowledge in their fields, and they are willing to help when the need arises. In addition the MBA program has a nice technology available, including several open computer labs, two ITV classes, and more. This really makes the program more efficient and effective.

In most parts, I think that the program has a good quality. It gives great knowledge, and it is increasingly focusing on the importance of hands-on projects. One summer, I took MG850 class (Introduction to Supply Chain Management) with Dr. Ehie. It was a very hard elective, but I benefited a lot from this class. I had to study a lot, but the knowledge that I gained and its practical uses are the most valuable lessons a student can take out of the class.

Emiko Uyama

Nationality: Japan

While I was studying English linguistics at my university in Japan, I had an opportunity to study at the Intensive English program at SEMO only for a summer session. I noticed how it is a very safe place, and living expense is not high to compare with other places. These factors made me go back to SEMO after graduating a university in Japan. Moreover, I knew that SEMO has a good MBA program and half of MBA students are from many countries. I thought this environment would be very challengeable for me. After taking many prerequisite classes, since my bachelor degree is English, I got accepted to the MBA program. I learned there are many business concepts and how communication is very important in the business world. I learned not only business things, but also to cooperate with other students including international students. I thought it was a really good opportunity for my future career.

After I graduated, I worked at a Japanese automotive company in the US, and now I work at an American semiconductor company in Japan. I enjoy both cultures through my work. I appreciate what I learned in MBA program at SEMO.

Elena Wallace

Nationality: Russia

I received my undergraduate degree from Southeast, so enrolling in the newly created MBA program was a natural progression of things. This program provides the same high level of education (I really enjoyed most of my classes!!!) and experience as many bigger name schools. I had a chance to compare notes with my co-workers who attended other MBA programs, and I can honestly say that my educational experience at Southeast was on par or higher than other programs.

I have to warn you though, if you were looking for a big city life, you wouldn't find it in Cape Girardeau, MO. However, this small university town gives you an opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people. The campus is one of most attractive places I've ever seen (and I had a chance to visit at least 10 or more other schools). And did I mention that people are very friendly and nice? I found this to be very important since I didn't have any family or friends when I arrived. Overall, I have very pleasant memories of my studies at Southeast, and having my MBA was a ticket to my current job in a financial department of St. Louis based company.

Suzanne VanNes

Nationality: Netherlands

"After spending a semester here for undergrad, I decided to return from the Netherlands to pursue my MBA in general management. I really enjoy the general management track because I feel like you get the chance to learn a little about every aspect of business. However, it isn't like learning a little about every course in undergrad. You are expected to already have a basis in all the subjects and you dive in much further. From my experience, I feel that I have benefited in the area of finance the most. Not being an undergrad major in finance, I really didn't feel like I knew a whole lot on the subject, however, these skills are highly demanded in today's workforce. Finance is emphasized very strongly in the MBA program and I have been afforded the opportunity to really prepare myself for the workforce in the aspect. Additionally, I love the small program size that Southeast offers its students. It allows for very high interaction between professors and students on an educational, professional and social level. Of course that student-teacher relationship exists, however, many professors look to their graduate assistants for advice in certain areas and we also interact outside of the college through MBA social events. This type of interaction provides both in-class and out-of-class learning, as well as networking opportunities."


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