MoGEA TEST should be taken during the second semester of the freshman or during the sophomore year. Students must complete all sections of the MoGEA prior to being admitted to the College of Education. Please review the Admission Requirements page for more information regarding the minimum score. Students can sign up to take the MoGEA through Testing Services website.

Block I can be taken anytime during the freshman or sophomore year. Students are strongly encouraged to take all block I classes during the same semester. All block I classes must be passed with a minimum grade of "C" or higher in order to be admitted to the College of Education which is a prerequisite for Block II.

Course Course Name CreditHours
ED 251 Introduction to MSE Technology 2
ED 250 Introduction to MSE Teaching 2
PY 222 Development of the Adolescent 3

Prerequisite to Block II: Admission to the Teacher Education Program. Applications can be obtainedin Scully room 309. Please see the Admission Requirements page for specific requirements to be admitted to the College of Education.

Block II can be taken after successful admission to the College of Education. Most students generally take Block II during their sophomore or junior year depending upon their specific circumstances. Students should consult their advisor to discuss the appropriate time to take Block II.

Registering instructions: Students must go to Scully 245 on their priority registration date or any day after to register for block II classes. An enrollment form can be printed off and filled out in advance to speed up the process. A copy of the form can be found on the forms page.

Course Course Name

Credit Hours

EF 304 School and Society 2
SE 275# Diversity in American Schools 3
SE 301 * Fundamentals of Middle School Education 3
SE 302 * Teaching Reading & Writing in the Middle School 3
SE 305 Middle & Secondary Block II Field Experience 2
SE 306 Theories of Learning and Management 2
SE 307 Teaching Reading in Secondary 2
SE 308** Fundamentals of High School Education 2

* Middle School Education majors only and only offered in the spring
** Secondary Education majors only
# Course counts as Social Systems University Studies course as well as a Professional Education course

Block III technique classes are offered on a rotational basis. Students must consult with their advisor to plan their schedule according to their block III techniques class.

Course Course Name Credit Hours
SE 300 Technology to Enhance Learning 2
SE 3XX Special Subject Technique Course 3
SE 370 Middle and SecondaryBlock Field Experience 2
EX 390 Psychology & Education of the Exceptional Child 3


Block IV All coursework must be completed prior to taking Block IV. Students who plan on taking Block IV must attend planning meetings and fill out the required paperwork usually held at the beginning of the semester prior to the semester students are planning on taking block IV. For example if a student plans to take block IV during their spring 2012 semester they must attend the informational planning meetings at the beginning of the fall 2011 semester.

Course Course Name Credit Hours
SE 463 Student Teaching Secondary (1st) 6
SE 464 Student Teaching Secondary (2nd) 6
EF 400 Seminar in Educational Issues for Student Teachers 1

Graduate Level Courses

Core Courses (18 hours)

Course Course Name Credit Hours
GR 691 Methods of Research (Must be completed within first 9 hours) 3
SE 637 Curriculum Construction 3
SE 600 Multimedia in Education 3
EF 690 Found. Of Curriculum Dev. 3
SE 638 Improvement of Instruct & Assessment 3
SE 641 Teaching Multicultural Society 3
GR 698 Graduate paper & Comps or *** 0
SE 694 Thesis** 0

**SE694 Thesis: If a student chooses this option, it will be counted as 3 of the 15 elective credit hours.

*** Contact Advisor during/after GR691 to plan toward Graduate Paper requirements. The GR691 course paper may be the springboard but is NOT considered the summative Graduate Paper for the program.

Technology Courses (15 hours)

Course Course Name Credit Hours
SE 617 Found. Of Ed Technology 3
SE 500 Internet in Education 3
SE 683 Instructional Design & Tech 3
SE 685 Planning for Tech in the School District 3
SE 680  Topics in Middle & Secondary Education                             3

Educational Studies (15 hours)

Please choose 15 credit hours from one or a combination of these categories:

  • Any Subject Specialty courses
  • Advanced Placement Workshops
  • Teacher Education Courses
  • SE680 topics in Middle and Secondary Education (PDS, must be approved by advisor)
  • Autism
  • Special Education

Courses offerings may vary based on need, enrollment or availability.

It is the graduate student's responsibility to read the Graduate Bulletin, contact their Advisor, meet the requirements and due dates toward completion of their program.