The Missouri Association of Reading Recovery® Educators (M.A.R.R.E.) is an organization dedicated to establishing a network of those educators directly involved in the Reading Recovery® program.  The letters of the association’s name – M.A.R.R.E., which, if pronounced phonetically – elicits the first name of the founder of the Reading Recovery® Program, Dr. Marie Clay.

The Reading Recovery® teacher is the key to the program, but the association needs to provide a network for the support team - teacher leaders, site coordinators, administrators and others.
M.A.R.R.E. develops plans from the ideas of its membership. Newsletters are published that allow a sharing of what is taking place statewide in Missouri's movement toward full implementation of Reading Recovery®. In addition, the association plans an annual conference to further establish the network and foster the cross-feed of ideas statewide. Long range, the association will help to lobby for state assistance in the financial support of Reading Recovery® training efforts, in-service and awareness activities.

The 18th Annual Literacy Conference is sponsored by M.A.R.R.E. and takes place Nov. 13-15, 2011. More information about this conference follows on this page, or you can also visit the conference Web site here:

Conference Registration

Conference registration will begin soon. For more information on how to register, visit the M.A.R.R.E. Website.