Students preparing for careers in public school music must meet the undergraduate requirements for admission to the University, to the Department of Music, to the Teacher Education Program of the College of Education, and to the Music Education Program.   To proceed through the music education block sequence of classes, students must pass their sophomore review.  This includes completion of the piano proficiency, fulfillment of applied music competencies through level 4 among other requirements.


Option #1: 22 ACT, 2.5 GPA, C-BASE with a score of 235 or higher on all sections

Option #2: 2.5 GPA, C-BASE with a score of 265 or higher on all sections

Option #3: 3.0 GPA, C-BASE with a score of 235 or higher on all sections

In addition to the above, students must:

  1. completed 57 hours
  2. a grade of "C" or better in EN140 
  3. Block 1 completed with a written recommendation (EL120 or ED250 for elementary) (SE222 or ED250 for secondary)
  4. a student in good standing (not on disciplinary probation)

Other important information:  copies of the C-BASE and ACT test scores must be on file in the Department of Music Office.  Music education students may take EF200 (School and Society) during the spring term of their junior year if the course instructor is duly notified.  (The course is NOT offered in summer semester.)  Students must have their teacher education approval letter (full or provisional) on file in order to enroll for this course.

Music education students have through Block II to complete PY 222 (Development of the Adolescent).  They may NOT enroll in Block III until this course is completed. 

Music education majors must have ONE science lab and TWO science lectures.  This is a State of Missouri certification requirement.  PH classes have labs included, but BS107 is the only biology course with a lab.

All certification courses must be passed with a grade of "C" or better. 

*All students must complete the portfolio and Teacher Work Sample requirements during student teaching (Block IV) and receive a passing score on the Praxis exam in order to graduate.




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