Southeast Missouri State University

Wind Symphony/Orchestra - Spring Audition Information

Auditions for Orchestra and Wind Symphony for spring semester 2014 will take place on Monday, January 20 in CAC155 in the River Campus. Auditions will be behind a screen and suggested times are listed below. If you have a scheduling problem with the assigned times, please contact Dr. Martin Reynolds via email ( or by his office phone (573-651-2334).

Flute - 4:15 pm Flute excerpt
Oboe - 4:00 pm Oboe excerpt
Bb Clarinet - 3:15 pm Clarinet excerpt
Low Clarinets - 3:00 pm Bass Clarinet excerpt
Saxophone - 2:30 pm Sax excerpt
Bassoon - 2:15 pm Bassoon excerpt
Trumpet - 1:30 pm Trumpet excerpt
French Horn - 1:00 pm Horn excerpt
Tenor Trombone - 12:15 pm Tenor Trombone excerpt
Bass Trombone - 12:00 pm Bass Trombone excerpt
Euphonium - 11:30 am

Euphonium BC excerpt

Tuba - 11:00 am Tuba excerpt
Percussion - 5:00 pm Percussion excerpt
String Bass - 11:00 am String Bass excerpt
Percussion Percussion excert