Auditions for Large Ensembles

Auditions for instrumental ensembles such as Wind Symphony, University Symphony, and Studio Jazz are held at the beginning ofthe fallsemester before the first week of classes in CAC155. Studio Jazz auditions are held during the first class meeting time, 2:30 on Tuesday afternoon in CAC155. Auditions consist of major and minor scales, chromatic scale, prepared exercise(s), as well as sightreading. At the conclusion of auditions, lists of personnel for each ensemble will be posted.

Auditions for University Choir and Cantus Choralis are also held before the first week of classes in the fall semester.

For information about participation in an ensemble, contact the director.

Wind Symphony and/or Chamber Winds - Martin Reynolds

University Symphony Orchestra - Sara Edgerton

Studio Jazz - Robert Conger

University Choir - Peter Durow

Cantus Choralis - Steven Hendricks