Music Advising

All music majors are assigned an advisor based up their program of study. Music Education majors are advised by Mary Mims, Robert Conger, Peter Durow and Martin Reynolds. Bachelor of Music Performance students are advised by Sara Edgerton (instrumental) Leslie Jones (vocal) and Robert Fruehwald (composition). Bachelor of Arts students are advised by Robert Fruehwald.

In the Music Department, advising occurs one week before, the week of, and the week after the registration system opens.  

BME students (includes double majors):  individual advising appointments should be coordinated through Mary Mims who will assign students an advisor.   

If you are a double major in the BM and BME – you should go to your BME advising session first, then follow up with a BM advising as above.   

BA students are advised by Dr. Fruehwald; your chosen minor is advised by the department of origin.   

All students should prepare and bring the following with you to your advising session:  

1. an updated copy of your degree audit report. Log into the portal and follow these steps:
    a. Choose the “Student” tab
     b. Find “Bookmarks Plus” and choose Degree Works Student
     c. Your degree audit should automatically load  
2. a copy of your course sequence sheet.  (found on the music Department Web site. )  
3. a completed online registration worksheet (attached to this email)  

To look up fall courses access the “Look Up Classes” feature in the portal and begin a tentative schedule before you come in to discuss your final schedule:
1. Sign in to portal using SE Key
2. Choose: Student Tab
3. Choose: Click here to open My Southeast Self-Service
4. Choose: Click on this link to access your self-service page….
5. Choose: Student
6. Click on Registration
7. Choose: Look Up Classes; Select correct term from drop down box    

Please note:  for all students, you will be given your PIN during the advising session. Please write this down and keep it safe.  Your advisor will also be record the PIN in the “Comments” section of your Degree Works page. Please do not contact your advisor or the main office for your PIN before or after your advising session.  

Please remember that it is the student’s responsibility to follow through with the actual registration of classes and to follow the sequence of courses as listed in the Departmental Sequence sheets.