Transfer Students

  1. For admission to any degree program, transfer students will need to present an official transcript to their assigned advisor before they register for courses. Students transferring to Southeast with less than 24 credit hours must attend transfer student orientation, enroll for UI100 ("Music Makers" section if possible), enroll for CL001 (Career Services), and meet requirements of the sophomore review process.

  2. All transfer students must perform an applied music audition to ascertain competency level. 100- and 200- level applied music courses from other institutions may be accepted as transfer credit, but Southeast Department of Music reserves the right to assess incoming applied competency and place students accordingly.

  3. Transfer students are expected to take the piano proficiency test upon entering Southeast. Those who do not pass must enroll for MU151 (Functional Piano I). B.M.E. candidates are expected to PASS the piano proficiency test upon transferring to Southeast and may not student teach without having passed the test. Transfer students on the B.A. or B.M. degrees may not give the senior recital without having passed the proficiency in piano.

  4. Transfer students with more than 90 credit hours are not required to enroll for WP003 (75 hour writing exam).

  5. Students with an AA degree must enroll for WP003 (75 hour writing exam).

  6. Music Education students with an AA degree must meet the required university courses for state teacher certification (a BS course, a CH, GG or PH course, EN140, EX390, PS103, PY222, SC105, SE275, US105 or US107)

  7. Any transfer student entering Southeast with fewer than 90 credit hours will be required to take the entire Career Services Sequence CL001-CL004.

  8. MAPP1 is required for all transfer students with less than 60 hours