Southeast Missouri State University


  1. Men's and women's athletic teams at Southeast are known as the Redhawks.
  2. "SEMO" is acceptable on second reference as it concerns Southeast athletic  teams.
  3. The "R" of Redhawks should always be capitalized.
  4. Use "Redhawks" as a noun (i.e. "the football Redhawks")
  5. Use "Redhawk" as an adjective (i.e. "Redhawk football").
  6. Redhawk/Redhawks is one word.
  7. Names of sports, used in combination with athletic teams, are lowercased.

    ie. The football Redhawks knocked off Murray State in their home opener last night.
    ie. The softball Redhawks will take on Southern Illinois University at 2 p.m. at the Southeast Softball Complex.

  8. "Halftime" is one word.