Southeast Missouri State University


  1. Always lowercase the word "dollars."
  2. Use figures and the "$" in all except casual references or amounts without a figure.
    ie. The book cost $4.
    ie. The student used a dollar to buy candy at Southeast Bookstore.
    ie. Dollars are flowing in the local economy.
  3. For specified amounts, the word takes a singular verb.
    ie. Southeast Missouri State University - Kennett's fund-raising goal is $400,000.
  4. For amounts of more than $1 million, use the "$" and numerals up to two decimal places. Do not link the numerals and the word by a hyphen.
    ie. The River Campus is budgeted at $35.6 million.
    ie. It is worth exactly $35,605,432.
    ie. He proposed a $42 million budget.
  5. The form for amounts less than $1 million: $4, $25, $500, $1,000, $650,000