Pre-Nursing Student Handbook

Step-by-Step Admission Requirements

Note: If considering application for admission for fall 2018 or later, contact your advisor or the Department of Nursing for updated requirements.

  1. Please make sure you are eligible to applyYou must have at least a 2.800 overall GPA to apply. Applications for students with less than a 2.8 GPA will be returned.  Studies show that students who do well in the sciences are more likely to be successful in nursing school.  For this reason, applicants are admitted to the nursing program on a competitive basis using the overall college grade point average (GPA) plus the top three grades in the four required sciences.  Please see the following example, which indicates how a student with a considerably lower overall GPA could conceivably take the seat of a student with a much higher overall GPA.  It is imperative that students do well in the sciences with at least three grades of A encouraged:
  2.   Student #1   Student #2
    Overall GPA 2.950   3.525
    A & P I Grade = A 4.000 B 3.000
    A & P II Grade = A 4.000 B 3.000
    Chemistry Grade = C 2.000 C 2.000
    Microbiology Grade = A 4.000 C 2.000
    Add top 3 of 4 to overall GPA TOTAL = 14.950   11.525
  3. You must have applied and been admitted to Southeast Missouri State University in order for evaluators to access information in the student database.  Your assigned Southeast Student ID# and Southeast e-mail address should be included on the application
  4. The application should contain a correct mailing address where you wish to receive any correspondence from the Department of Nursing.  All e-mail correspondence will be directed to the Southeast E-mail account, so be sure that the Southeast Key is activated and your password is working properly.
  5. Students are required to have all university studies and pre-requisite courses completed before beginning any nursing coursework.  The seven pre-requisite courses are A&P 1, A&P 2, Chemistry, Microbiology, Statistics, Nutrition, and Human Development.  At the time the student submits his or her application, three of the four sciences must be completed and all other coursework must be in progress.  Evaluators should be able to confirm enrollment in any remaining courses by pulling up a student’s Southeast degree audit or reviewing submitted transcripts. 
  6. If you do not have all of your coursework completed or in progress and feel that your circumstances merit special consideration, you must explain in writing why you feel you should be allowed an exception and outline how you plan to complete all requirements BEFORE beginning nursing coursework.  The letter should be addressed to the Student Affairs Committee and attached to the application.  Do not send the letter under separate cover.  AN APPEAL LETTER DOES NOT GUARANTEE SPECIAL ADMISSION and it is important to note that students who have followed all instructions and met all requirements will be considered first.
  7. Special Information for Transfer Students and Students with a conferred Associate’s Degree:  With an associate’s degree, the lower-level university studies courses are typically waived; however, two of the upper-level (300-level) interdisciplinary courses are required of both associate’s degree students and transfer students.  These courses are unique to Southeast and must be completed here.  Students should make sure that they have met all university requirements and nursing requirements.
  8. Transfer students should also include an unofficial copy of allcollege transcripts in order for the application to be considered.  Applications without unofficial transcripts attached will be returned to the student.
  9. Please fill out the application completely and legibly in either black or blue ink.  You may also type the application if you choose.


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