Questions about Admissions, Advising, Registration, Textbooks and Graduation

Please read our RN to BSN Online Web site and become familiar with Southeast Online and the services and information available for online degree students. We also recommend that you read our Southeast Online Handbook and try our demonstration course to get the feel for our online classroom structure.

As a new transfer student or a returning student with transfer credit, your file will be reviewed by a Southeast Online Advisor to determine if admission might be granted by the Program Director. Should an advisor believe this to be the case, you will be advised to apply to the program. If acceptance to the program is granted, an advisor will then inform you of the next steps in the process, including the submission of various health records to a private company (Certified Background Check) which will track them. Upon the submission and approval of these records, you will be officially accepted into the RN-BSN program. You can then begin working with an advisor to select available courses that match your remaining BSN degree requirements and personal interests.

If you are a returning student, and unsure whether or not you owe any balance, please check with Student Financial Services at (573) 651-2253. If a balance is owed, you will be prevented from registering until the amount is paid, and it is better to discover this early in the process so you have ample time to correct the situation.

Some minors may be possible based upon your previous Southeast or transfer credit. Please check the bulletin for more information on the necessary courses for each minor and compare with your degree tracking report for initial information. Please note that a minor requires a set of specific courses and simply taking many hours in one subject does not constitute a minor.

Your degree audit will show what courses you have taken will transfer. However if you have not taken the course and need to know if a current or future course you plan to take will transfer, visit Then click on Transfer Course Conversion to find out if a course will transfer.

Refer to Testing Services website and click on "credit by examination." It is best to complete the credit by examination as soon as possible after you are admitted to the University. Students may qualify for credit by examination as long as they have earned fewer than 90 hours and have not enrolled in a college course in the subject area in which the examination is given. Students who anticipate attempting to earn credit by examination should not enroll in that subject area before taking the examination. For registration procedures contact Testing Services at 573-651-2836. RN-BSN Online Students who wish to take the FN235 credit by examination must do so before completing 90 credit hours.

Course registration generally begins in the following pattern:

  • Fall Semester - early April
  • Spring Semester - early November
  • Summer Semester - early February

Registration priority is based upon your completed credit hours on file at Southeast. The earlier you discuss your course options with me and begin registration, the better selection of courses you will have available. If you are unable to get your target number of credit hours or specific requirements for degree goals, please contact your advisor as soon as possible. It is not recommended to add new online courses beyond the second day of the course as not to risk starting the semester already behind on your assignments. Keep in mind all schedule changes will affect your textbook rental, and please take into account the time needed to receive your new book.

Registration opens at 7 a.m. daily and closes at 9 p.m. If you attempt to access the menu outside of this time range, you will receive a message that misleads you to believe your alternate PIN is not correct. Please try again during the scheduled hours before contacting technical support for assistance.

To check course availability and register, login the My Southeast Portal and choose the Student tab. Enter My Southeast Self-Service and select the Student and Financial Aid menu, then choose Registration. A how-to guide is available to walk you through the process.

  • To look up course availability, select Look Up Classes.
  • To register, select Add or Drop Classes. Select term for which you wish to register and enter the alternate PIN obtained in your advising session.

If you need to drop a course, please check the refund schedule to see what percentage, if any, you will receive back. Your textbook refund is determined by its postmark date. Please note that your financial aid could be adversely affected by dropping a course -- please consult Student Financial Services before you drop your course. You will need your alternate PIN for the current semester to be able to drop a course. Simply change the drop down menu beside the course you wish to drop and submit your changes. After doing so, the drop down option should disappear, and the course will be designated as dropped within the semester.

Most courses require at least one text that is rented through Textbook Rental Services In addition, some courses may require additional book(s) that may be bought at the Southeast bookstore or elsewhere.

Therefore, it is essential you first contact textbook rental to rent the needed textbooks for your upcoming courses. It is best to do this at least two weeks before the course begins. If you can’t come to campus to get your books the week before classes begin, you can arrange for them to be shipped using the online order form: Textbooks are usually mailed about a week before classes begin and there are charges for shipping. At the end of the semester, you will mail the textbooks back to the University and they must be postmarked by the Monday after finals week.

Next, you should also check with the Bookstore to see if you need any additional supplemental materials that you will need to buy for the courses. You can order them online at Always check with both Textbook Services for rental books and the Book Store for other books or materials you may need to buy in addition to the text(s) you will need to rent.

Information regarding how to obtain your name badge for field experiences will be given to you in your NS390 Framework for Professional Nursing course.

Once admitted to nursing, you have the flexibility to complete any needed academic advising by phone, e-mail or in person. E-mail is the preferred method as no appointment is required and both parties then have written records of the discussion. In order to register in classes each semester, an RN to BSN online advisor must be contacted to confirm your plan of study and degree requirements. At that time, a new alternate PIN number - required to register for the next semester - will be given to you. Note: if you have elected to place a confidentiality hold on your account, advising will only be permitted to take place through your Southeast email account.

This is a matter to be discussed with your advisor. Remember that online courses require the same amount of work as face-to-face courses but often in a different format. Be sure to consider the amount of time spent weekly between employment, family and recreation. Students can take as little as one course (three-five hours) each semester or as many as 18 hours during the regular fall and spring terms. You must take at least six hours to qualify for your financial aid awards. To be considered full-time, you must have at least 12 hours for the fall or spring semester. Most online courses are three credit hours.

  • Fall/Spring semester maximum: 18 hours
  • Summer semester maximum: 4 hours pre-session and/or 9 hours regular session (limit one four-week course at a time)

If your cumulative (overall) GPA is less than 2.8, then you will be advised to take non-nursing courses to bring your GPA up to a 2.8. After those courses are completed and your GPA is 2.8 or higher, you may apply to the nursing program.

Students with a GPA under 2.0 will be subject to suspension from the university unless a 2.0 semester GPA or better is maintained (i.e. demonstrate you are making progress to remedy the situation).

The first step is to find the course description in either the University Studies Handbook (only University Studies courses) or the University Bulletin (all courses). Some courses will not have pre-requisites, while others may require certain University Studies categories (i.e. Living Systems, Social Systems, Political Systems) or even specific courses (i.e. SC105, PS103 or PS104, MA134 and AD101). Still other courses may state junior standing (60 hours) or senior standing (90 hours) in order to take the course.

Course levels:

  • 100-200 level courses are open to all students (if any).
  • 300-500 level courses are open to students with at least 45 hours completed.
  • 600-700 level courses are ONLY for graduate students.
  • 800 level courses are workshops for both undergraduate and graduate students. 800-833 are open to all students and are considered lower division credit, while 834-866 are open to students with at least 45 hours completed and are considered upper division credit.

The second step is to check your Unofficial Transcript in Self-Service. This will show all courses completed and in progress to help you remember what you have already taken. If you have credit that is more than 10 years old, next check the title on the needed pre-requisite(s). If you are still uncertain, you should confirm your selection with me as some course numbers may have changed since you completed the course (i.e. US101 = US105, MA136 = MA140, EN150 = EN140).

Note: the registration system is not currently designed to check pre-requisites except in rare cases. It is your responsibility as a student to make sure you are not only prepared for your next course but also that you will not be dropped by the department when they realize you lack the proper prerequisites. Most departments check rosters in close proximity to the semester start, and finding a replacement may not be possible that late into registration.

Click on the following link: Graduation Form and it will take you to the necessary form. Follow the directions at the beginning of the document and for further assistance contact the Registrars Office at 573-651-2250 or by e-mail at


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