Questions about Plans of Study, Progression through the Program

Please use your detailed degree audit to determine what courses you still need:

I. Required before entry into the nursing program

    1. Anatomy and Physiology I
    2. Anatomy and Physiology II
    3. Microbiology
    4. Written Expression (English Composition 2)
    5. Chemistry

II. Required before entry into the nursing program

    1. Human Growth & Development
    2. Living Systems (Nutrition or other)
    3. Oral Expression (Speech or Language)
    4. Literary Expression
    5. Logical Systems (Math)
    6. Development of a Major Civilization (History)
    7. Social Systems
    8. Political Systems
    9. Artistic Expression
    10. Economic Systems
    11. Two 300-level interdisciplinary electives
    12. UI 412 American Health Care Systems
    13. Statistics (Inferential)

III. Nursing Courses Required (credit hours)

    1. NS 380 Holistic Assessment (4)
    2. NS 385 Research in Professional Practice (2)
    3. NS 386 Professional Practice: Community Health Nursing (6)
    4. NS 390 Framework for Professional Nursing (4)
    5. NS 480 Professional Practice: Leadership and Management (6)
    6. NS 483 Gerontological Nursing and Care of Older Adults (3)

IV. General Requirements for Graduation

    1. Residency at Southeast - at least 30 hours from Southeast
    2. Current residency at Southeast -12 of your final 18 hours must be taken with Southeast
    3. Grade Point Average at Southeast: 2.0 minimum required
    4. Grade Point Average Cumulative: 2.0 minimum required
    5. Writing Proficiency - WP003, 75 Hour Writing Proficiency Exam with passing score required

The WP003 is a writing assessment checkpoint that must be passed for graduation. There is no fee for taking this assessment, but it is required for graduation. Southeast wants to ensure all students are maintaining their writing skills obtained in those initial composition courses. Upon successful completion of EN140 (English Composition II/Rhetoric and Critical Thinking) and at least 75 credit hours, you may register for this assessment. Be sure to click the CRN link on the class schedule to see which date the assessment is being offered. New transfer students with more than 90 degree hours completed may be waived from this assessment. You may contact Marge Phillips at (573) 651-2460 for further assistance with this. Scoring criteria, scoring scales and sample essays are available through the Writing Outcomes Web site. If you do not pass the assessment, you must contact Writing Outcomes and ask to submit a portfolio as your second chance opportunity. This portfolio option generally occurs over the duration of the semester with scheduled checkpoints. However, most students pass the assessment without difficulty.

This assessment may be completed either online or at a campus convenient to you. If you wish to take the assessment in person, you must bring two valid forms of identification - and you may register on open enrollment. If you wish to take the online assessment, contact the Department of Nursing to request registration. You must be an online degree student to obtain approval for this section. In the online version, you will be provided a particular 24-hour window in which to take the approximately two-hour assessment. Note: the online version is only offered once each fall and spring semesters.

All students have access to their Degree Audit Report via the Southeast Portal. You can access your Degree Audit Report online by entering the Self-Service area and selecting Student & Financial - Records to determine your individual requirements for the degree. This report updates live, so any registration changes will be reflected immediately. You may review or delete previous requests rather than generating a new report each time you reference it. If you see any requests that do not have a checkbox beside them, these are reports generated for advising purposes. You may only delete the requests which you made.

After finding your attempted hours on your Unofficial Transcripts (Student Records submenu of Student & Financial Aid within the portal), you can use the following GPA calculator to play “what if” with your current or future courses. Any courses starting with the number 0 should not be included in the calculations (i.e. MA090, CH081, etc).
What does it mean to be on academic probation?

Students who have a cumulative GPA under 2.0 (‘C’ average) are placed on academic probation. Academic probation students are limited to 12 hours in the fall or spring or six hours in the summer semester. Students must achieve a 2.0 semester GPA to demonstrate continued improvement or they will be suspended from the University for one fall/spring semester. Students who are readmitted after sitting out and who fall on probation a second time will be disqualified for one full academic year. Additionally, students on academic probation may find limitations in regards to available financial aid.

The fastest way to raise GPA is to repeat courses of ‘D’ or ‘F’ grades. Southeast has a policy of grade replacement, in that only the most recent attempt will be counted towards your GPA. (All attempts will remain a part of your academic record, however.)

Once you have confirmed remaining requirements with your advisor (and minor if applicable), and you have registered for all courses, you should download the graduation application and mail to Registrar’s Office. Once you have applied, all schedule changes will require approval from the Registrar’s Office, and any request for changes will move your application to the end of the list.

You should apply for graduation no later than the first day of classes of your last semester. If you are a summer graduate and wish to participate in the commencement exercises for spring (since there is no summer commencement), you must apply for graduation no later than the first day summer registration opens (mid-February). For exact deadlines and dates for submitting paperwork, please visit the commencement Web site. If you have missed the stated deadline, you should call and/or submit the paperwork. If they agree to accept you as a late addition, a late fee would also apply. The commencement Web site also contains Senior FAQ and other helpful details for graduation.

If you wish to participate in the ceremony, you must return the appropriate documents by the deadlines; otherwise, there will be no cap and gown waiting for you at the Show Me Center! We welcome all online students to participate in the commencement exercises, especially if this will be your first visit to our campus!

Even if you do not wish to participate, you must apply for graduation at the proper time. Otherwise, the Registrar’s Office will not know your intentions nor review your eligibility for graduation. Your degree will not be awarded, and you will not graduate unless you formally apply by the given deadlines.


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