Due to snow in the region, Sikeston, Kennett, Malden Campuses, Cape College Center and Southeast Programs in Poplar Bluff are closed Tuesday, Jan. 16.

Questions about Online Learning and Student Services

As an online degree student, we will do our best to assist you in registering in your desired number of hours, but we cannot guarantee availability in your top choices. For the best selection, we highly recommend you complete your advising and attempt to register on your priority registration date, which is based upon credit hours completed. If you cannot secure your full course load or necessary graduation requirements through open enrollment, please contact your Online Advisor as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the fewer options will exist. Enrollment assistance for online degree students works on a first-come, first-served basis until (limited) space is no longer available. The only way to guarantee a seat in a specific course is to self-register in it as soon as your priority date has arrived.

Online students must have approval from their advisor to take any face-to-face courses.

Fall/Spring Semester:

  • Full semester (traditional): 16 weeks
  • 1st eight-week and 2nd eight-week courses are rarely available online.

Summer Semester:

  • 1st four-week session: four weeks immediately after spring finals
  • Eight Week session: Eight weeks in middle of summer
  • 2nd four-week session: first half of the eight-week session
  • 3rd four-week session: second half of the eight-week session
  • 1st six-week session: first four-week session and part of the eight-week session
  • 2nd six-week session:  last six-weeks of the eight-week session
  • Twelve-week session: first four-week session and the eight-week session

The pace for each course is already established, and you will want to check for updates each day. Our online courses follow the same timeline as their face-to-face counterparts. You can schedule accordingly and work ahead as assignments are announced, but you must meet your course deadlines to receive full credit.

To use the student portal site, you must first activate your SE Key. Go to portal.semo.edu. Under the login area, click the link for SE Key Activation. Enter your Southeast ID (SXXXXXXXX) and day and year of birth to begin the activation process. Be sure you write down your new SE Key as well as the password you just established. You will use this information to access all services within the portal, including your online courses and Southeast e-mail. Your e-mail address will simply be SOUTHEASTKEY@semo.edu. I also recommend that you set up the password reset facility in case you forget your new password.

If you have problems in activating your SE Key, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at (573) 651-4357. If you have activated your SE Key and cannot remember your password, there is only one way to reset it remotely: Send a fax to (573) 651-2200 of a photo ID along with your Southeast ID number (SXXXXXXXX), signature and the new password you desire. Make sure that your password follows the established rules (at least three of four elements from these criteria - upper case, lower case, symbols, numbers) or Information Technology will be unable to reset it for you.

In the event of a name change, you must first update your record in the Office of the Registrar. If you unsure of your current status, please visit the personal information menu in the portal to confirm. To update, send a fax to (573) 651-5155 of proof of name change (social security card, court ordered document, driver’s license), your Southeast ID number (SXXXXXXXX), your request to update your name and your signature.

Once your name is correct in the database, you may then e-mail Nancy with your old name, your new name and your Southeast ID number.

The portal has a My Courses tab for quick, centralized access to all your online courses. However, this is not the “source” of your Web sites. Instructors should list the actual course Web site in the syllabus at the beginning of the semester. We recommend that you bookmark or otherwise note these links at the beginning of each semester in the event of portal maintenance. You can also search for your course’s Web site by using the search feature on https://courses.semo.edu/login/login.asp. You will need to enter your Southeast Key and password to access any protected information.

If you find yourself unable to access the portal or the course Web site, first double check your user name and password. You may have accidentally activated the CAPS lock key or otherwise mistyped your password. The portal will lock you out after a certain number of incorrect attempts, and you must wait a short period before trying again.

If you find yourself able to access the portal but not the course link/Web site, check to see that you are still registered for the course. Students who enter financial suspension are not permitted to attend class, and if you’ve made any recent schedule changes, you might have dropped the course by mistake. Enter the My Southeast Self-Service area of the portal, then the Registration menu to verify your schedule. If you have difficulty locating this, please refer to the question on how to add/drop courses for more information.

Go to http://online.semo.edu and click on Schedule of Courses.

Online students can have books and videos from Kent Library at Southeast Missouri State University, in addition to books from the state-wide lending program MOBIUS, shipped to their primary residence free of charge. Each library item shipped comes with a prepaid return envelope. Additionally, materials may be picked up at one of the more than 60 Missouri libraries in the MOBIUS system.

For more assistance on this process, visit the Kent Library request tutorial or the MOBIUS request tutorial for more details.

All Southeast students have access to library subscription databases that can help you find an article that matches your topic. The library has full-text access to more than 24,000 journals, magazines and newspapers, so you will be able to get the full-text to many articles with a single click. To learn more about finding articles, you can complete the self-paced tutorial Module 4-Finding Articles.

All Southeast students have access to the Online Writing Lab (OWL). Using OWL, students can submit drafts of papers for additional feedback and guidance on the drafting process, walk through writing tutorials to refresh memory or ask individual questions of the writing staff. Please note that the staff will not proofread your entire submission, but rather they seek to work with you in order to teach you how to be a better proofreader as well as clarify any repetitive errors made. If you utilize this resource, please do so well in advance of your submission deadline for the course, so you have adequate time for the revision and communication process.

The online submission form will not allow students to submit documents more than six pages in length. As an online degree student, you can still receive assistance with longer submissions. Please contact the Writing Center through the above link for more information.

The Offices of Learning Assistance Programs and Disability Services provide both disability and tutorial assistance to Southeast students. Online students with disabilities may receive assistance by registering with the office as outlined on its Web site. Although tutorial assistance is not available online, online students are welcome to visit them for face-to-face tutorial services and other learning resources. Additionally, if you have difficulty in understanding your materials or assignments, many faculty will answer additional questions via e-mail or phone - or refer you to additional resources that may assist you in your studies.


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