These instructions will walk you through how to register for online classes through the Southeast Portal. Before registering, you will need to get your alternate pin from your advisor.

  1. Login to the Southeast Portal at
  2. Click the Students SS Tab
  3. Locate the Registration Tools Box
  4. Click "Add/Drop Classes"
  5. Select the Current Term
  6. Type your alternate pin, then click "Submit" *
  7. Click "Class Search"
  8. Click “Advanced Search”
  9. Choose the Subject of the course for which you want to register
  10. Type the Course Number
  11. Select the campus of “Web-based”
  12. Click “Section Search”
  13. Click the checkbox next the section you want (if there is no checkbox but you see a "C" instead, that means the course is closed and you cannot register.)
  14. Click Register
  15. On the next screen, select "Class Search" to add more courses.

* Graduate Students and students with a prior Bachelor's degree will not have a PIN.