What types of study abroad experiences does Southeast offer?


Southeast offers a variety of both short- and long-term study abroad opportunities. Our students can spend a semester studying in London, Italy or even Nepal. Education majors can student teach in Wales. Many of our students have celebrated Christmas break in Germany or spent a summer vacation in England, Mexico or France. Southeast now has study abroad agreements with colleges in China, Korea and throughout Europe.

The Harrison College of Business offers students the opportunity to examine business practices in Europe. Your student can do all of this and earn academic credit. Southeast offers study abroad programs around the world that will enrich areas of study, promote global understanding through new friendships and enhance employment opportunities. For more information about study abroad opportunities, your student can contact the Office of InternationalEducation and Servicesat (573) 986-6863.

Traditionally, during Family Weekend, the Harrison College of Business and the Office of InternationalEducation and Serviceswill sponsor family-oriented programs on study abroad. Check out the Family Weekend schedule for the dates and times.