What if a student is undecided on a major? Will this create a problem?


Absolutely not. In fact, approximately one in four freshmen come to Southeast undecided about his/her major.And of those students who have chosen a major before enrolling, more than 50 percent will change their major at least once, and often, two or three times during their Southeast career.

Most students have been exposed to only a few of the more than 150 areas of study available at Southeast, so we encourage them to explore the possible options open to them.Many students begin their academic career with an academic advisor from the University Studies Advising Center where they can get expert advising to either confirm their major choice or assistance in investigating their options. In addition, all new freshmen are enrolled in UI 100, The First Year Seminar. This course introduces students to the University Studies Program and the value of a liberal education and provides them with a framework for investigating the areas of study available for the future career they wish to pursue.

Students also can get assistance exploring careers and majors through Career Services.