How safe is the Southeast campus?


The campus of Southeast Missouri State University has long been noted for its rolling terraces and quiet beauty set in the atmosphere of a small city and for its safe and secure environment. In fact, if you look at the annual report which outlines university crime statistics, you'll find that Southeast is one of the safest college campuses in the United States.

Although students who use good judgment rarely experience a safety issue on campus, Southeast does provide several programs to ensure student safety. A campus watch line is provided for anyone who may wish to report crime or suspicious activity anonymously or provide confidential information about crime. There are 29 emergency call boxes placed in strategic locations around campus where students can push the call box button to immediately initiate a 911 emergency call to the University Police Communications Center. And Southeast provides a lighted corridor to help create a safe campus environment. The lighted corridor concept attempts to channel students into the safest and most heavily traveled traffic areas of campus. The emergency call boxes are located along the lighted corridor. The Public Safety Department provides a Student Watch and Escort Service (SWES) on campus available to students upon request and a night shuttle van service for students is provided.