Why should my son/daughter attend Southeast Missouri State University?


Southeast Missouri State University provides tremendous educational benefits to our students. With more than 200 areas of study, all of which are accredited by national and international accrediting agencies, Southeast offers a wide variety of academic choices to students. In addition, Southeast prides itself on offering students real-world experiences. In academic language, we call it "experiential learning." What it means to your son or daughter is moving the learning experience out of the traditional classroom, involving him/her in independent thinking and learning, problem-solving and activities, and working on relevant, useful or real-world projects rather than reading in a textbook and having only the classroom experience. This can cover a broad spectrum of activities: workplace training and development, e.g. student teaching, internship, discipline-specific research and presentations, clinical experiences, training in practical skills, performance and personal growth.

Our curriculum is structured around the belief that the best possible career training is a broad-based liberal arts education that emphasizes critical thinking, effective communication and other skills that are needed for life. Along with those skills, internships and experiential learning are strongly emphasized with more than 95 percent of all majors having an internship or clinical experience built into the curriculum.

Southeast has small class sizes (25-30 students on average in first-year classes) and an overall student-faculty ratio of only 18:1 allowing for a personalized learning environment in which your student can get to know both his/her fellow students and the instructors. Less than 1 percent of our courses seat more than 50 students.

Southeast is ideal if you're seeking a mid-sized, safe and friendly place to learn, experience and succeed. With more than 400 full-time faculty, 90 percent of which have doctoral degrees, your student will be in classes taught by trained professionals, not teaching assistants or graduate assistants.

Southeast's innovative program, Student Transitions Initiative, takes students from orientation to career planning to hands-on learning opportunities to job placement or graduate school. This is administered through a coordinated, integrated delivery of services and support designed to help students make successful transitions into college, majors and career paths, and into the world of professional and community life.

Southeast is affordable and our students are the "least-indebted" students in the nation. We have been recognized as a "best buy" by U.S. News and World Report.

To read about all the measures of success at Southeast, visit http://www.semo.edu/whyse/southeastis.htm on the Web.