My student commutes from Dexter. What are the University's procedures when it snows or the road is icy?


The campus of Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau is seldom closed due to inclement weather. With numerous students residing in residence halls, on campus and in apartments and rental units close to campus, there is always a large contingent of students who can access the classrooms and buildings. However, there have been times when hazardous ice conditions or heavy snow have necessitated the delay or canceling of classes. In addition, the University has regional campus sites at Sikeston, Poplar Bluff, Kennett, Malden and Perryville. Since all students attending those regional camp uses are commuter students and weather conditions in those areas can vary widely from the conditions on the Cape Girardeau campus, the regional campus classes may be delayed or canceled even though the main campus is in session.

Students are always advised to stay up-to-date on the weather and road conditions. If a student feels he/she should not drive due to hazardous road conditions, he/she should contact their instructor(s) as soon as possible to convey that information. Contact information for the instructor should have been distributed to your student in the class syllabus at the beginning of the semester.In addition, contact numbers for instructors are located on the University's Web site under the "search people" icon.

Your student can get the most up-to-date information concerning campus closings through the University's Web site or through the student portal, My Southeast. Any campus or regional campus closings or delays will be communicated through those sites.

The University News Bureau staff will use television and radio broadcast messages when appropriate. Students should tune into the following:

Television stations

KFVS (Cable Channel 7) CBS, Cape Girardeau, Mo., at
WSIL (Cable Channel 3) ABC, Carterville, Ill., at
WPSD (Cable Channel 6) NBC, Paducah, Ky., at
KAIT-TV 8 ABC, Jonesboro, Ark., at
KMOV-TV 4 CBS, St. Louis, Mo., at
KSDK-TV 5 NBC, St. Louis, Mo., at

Radio stations

KZIM/KSIM 960 AM, Cape Girardeau & Sikeston, Mo., at
KGKS 93.9 FM, Cape Girardeau, Mo., at
KGIR 1220 AM, Cape Girardeau, Mo., at
KEZS 102.9 FM, Cape Girardeau, Mo., at
KCGQ 99.3 FM, Cape Girardeau, Mo., at
KGMO 100.7 FM, Cape Girardeau, Mo., at
KWKZ 106.1 FM, Cape Girardeau, Mo., at
KRCU 90.9 FM, Cape Girardeau, Mo. at
KAPE 1550 AM, Cape Girardeau, Mo., at
KYRX 96.5 FM, Cape Girardeau, Mo., at
KDMC 103.7 FM, Cape Girardeau, Mo., at
KUGT 1170 AM, Jackson, Mo.
WIBH 1440 AM, Anna, Ill., at
WKRO 1490 AM, Cairo, Ill.
WCIL 101.5 FM, Carbondale, Ill., at
WSIU 91.9 FM, Carbondale, Ill., at
KDEX 102.3 FM, Dexter, Mo., at
KREI 800 AM, Farmington, Mo., at
KTJJ 97.9 FM, Farmington, Mo., at
KYLS 95.9, Farmington, Mo., at
WEBQ 1240 AM, Harrisburg, Ill., at
KBOA 1540 AM, Kennett, Mo.
KTMO 106.5 FM, Kennett, Mo.
WGGH 1150 AM, Marion, Ill., at
KFMO 1240 AM, Park Hills, Mo., at
KDBB 104. FM, Park Hills, Mo., at
KBDZ 93.1 FM, Perryville, Mo.
KSGM 980 AM, Perryville, Mo.
KWOC 930 AM, Poplar Bluff, Mo., at
KKLR 94.5 FM, Poplar Bluff, Mo., at
KJEZ 95.5 FM, Poplar Bluff, Mo., at
KYRO 1280 AM, Potosi, Mo., at
KBXB 97.9 FM, Sikeston, Mo., at
KRHW 1520 AM, Sikeston, Mo., at
KLSC 92.9 FM, Sikeston, Mo.
KSIM 1400 AM, Sikeston, Mo. at
KMAL 1470 AM, Sikeston, Mo. at
KMOX 1120 AM, St. Louis, Mo., at