If my student is having difficulty in a class, where can he/she go to get a tutor and how much does it cost?


Tutorial Services is located in Learning Assistance Programs and Disability Support Services (LAPDSS), Room 302, of the University Center. Tutoring is a free service offered to all enrolled University students. In addition to tutoring, Academic Assistance Labs are also available in different academic departments across campus at no charge – please have your student contact the department offices directly for questions about their services.

Along with the services above, LAPDSS also offers online tutoring for students enrolled in Developmental Algebra and Intermediate Algebra. Students who would like to receive online tutorial assistance should visit the LAPDSS Web site at http://www6.semo.edu/lapdss/tutorial/tutorial.htm.

It is important to note that LAPDSS does not guarantee that a tutor will be available for any one particular course. If a tutor is not on staff for a particular course, the tutoring staff will work with the professor and/or academic department in an attempt to locate a tutor.