My son/daughter is outstanding in a specific area of study. Can he/she "test out" of a course or get credit for the course for knowledge he/she has?


Credit by Exam Programs can assist students in gaining recognition for what they know and can do, regardless of how or where they learned it. College credit earned by examination may be counted toward University Studies, major, minor or elective requirements at Southeast Missouri State University. Students may qualify for credit by examination as long as they have earned fewer than 90 semester hours and have not enrolled in a college course in the subject for which the examination is taken. Students who anticipate attempting to earn credit by examination should NOT enroll in that course before taking the examination. Grades will be recorded and noted on the official transcript as credit by examination; such credit does not affect the cumulative grade point average. Credit is placed on the transcript after the student is enrolled for one academic period.

More information is available from Testing Services at or call (573) 651-2836; e-mail or visit them in Academic Hall, Room 347.