I know my son/daughter made the Dean's List/Commencement List/Scholarship List, but his/her name didn't show up in the local newspaper. Why and who do I contact to make sure he/she gets the publicity he/she deserves?


When many students complete the address and address change forms in the Registrar's Office or online in the student portal, My Southeast, they invoke the privacy hold to withhold their address and personal information. Once a student has checked the privacy hold, under the federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, the University is unable to publicize any information about that student - whether it's making the Dean's List, receiving a scholarship, achieving honors at commencement or graduating from Southeast.

If your student wishes to revoke the privacy hold so his/her inclusion on the Dean's List can be publicized, he/she will need to login to My Southeast and change the privacy hold on the "Address Review and Change" form.