What are the costs of attending Southeast Missouri State University for one year?


Southeast is affordable and an excellent education "best buy." And, we believe in sharing all of our costs up front... so you and your son or daughter can make a smart choice!

Chart of Southeast Cost Comparison

Our fee schedule demonstrates your actual cost based on your student taking 30 credit hours per year (15 credits per semester). When comparing Southeast’s cost to other institutions, make sure to request a full disclosure of undergraduate fees based upon the number of credit hours your student plans to take the first year. You will find full, updated costs at http://www.semo.edu/financing/options.htm

Although textbook costs are not included in these figures, Southeast's textbook rental plan typically saves students $600 a year or more compared to the cost of buying books at most institutions.

To learn more about the cost of attending Southeast, as well as scholarships that your student might qualify for, check out our Undergraduate Cost and Scholarship Estimator.

Learn more about the Undergraduate Cost and Scholarship Estimator