My daughter has a laptop computer with wireless access. Where can she find access on campus and in the community?


Wireless access continues to expand both on campus and throughout the Cape Girardeau community. To access the wireless access points on the Southeast campus, the laptop must be equipped with an internal 3Com network card (preferred), or a wireless network card that conforms to the Wi-Fi 802.11B standard. Wireless access points are located in the University Center, the Dempster Building, Kent Library, the Polytechnic Building, Scully-3rd floor, Rowdy's, Towers Cafeteria and the Grauel Building. In addition, wireless laptops may be checked out at Kent Library and the University Center, but can be used only in those buildings.

There is wireless access throughout the Cape Girardeau community at various locations including Panera Bread, Barnes and Noble Bookstore, Grace Café and many other local establishments.